TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Hotel 411

I'm a maid at a big hotel downtown. I steal stuff out of people's rooms all the time. My boss caught me one time and said "You do that too?"

I'm a hotel receptionist. If people can't afford a room, I'll give it to them for free.

If you're cool at check-in then I'll give you free drinks, breakfast, and wifi. If not, you're getting a room by an elevator and a horrible view.

I work at a hotel in West Jordan, the blankets only get washed once a year. But the sheets get washed once a week

back in my single days I work graveyards at a year-round resort hotel up Little Cottonwood canyon, be back in 15 minutes sign at the front desk, was sometimes used to go fool around in the employee laundry room, or an empty suite. Great times and great memories

One of my favorite parts of working at a hotel is when I take room service to a room, the guests open the door in their underwear. #hot

my mom has always been a GM at a hotel. i''ve cleaned rooms. the comforter is only changed out if it''s soiled or stained. new sheet. same comforter

I was a housekeeper and my coworkers mom worked housekeeping in a fancy honolulu hotel. She found a dead body under a bed she cleaned!!

hated getting sent2a room saying they need a plunger then they make me do it for them AND tell me to reclean the bathroom as they stand there watching!!

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