TEXT TOPIC: What is your something good that you want to share?

I know you’ll be super jealous Jess but I leave for Dallas RISE in less then 48 hrs!

My wife and I celebrated our two year anniversary this past weekend. Love you, Sunshine!

I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow girls only and no kids!

last day for work for a week! Going to Maui for first time!

started school last week! Come see me at Cameo for all your beauty needs!

Felt off past week Just now took a test to humor EVERYONE asking "R you pregnant" turns out pregnancy glow is a real thing. First baby growing now

I went to Ariana grande on Saturday & I'm going to Shawn Mendes tomorrow & I am so excited !!

came home from family reunion in Montana yesterday tranny went out on my truck. Thankful for amazing friends

I'm happy it's Amazon Prime Day!

It’s my birthday week!

got accepted to graduate with my bachelors.

Going to virginia for my gpas 92 birthday

Went to the Bluebird Cafe at Sundance to listen to three of the biggest song writers in the country music industry and hear the stories behind the songs or how they were created...really cool and I''m not country.

something good... Our 11U Tiburones baseball team are now ranked #1 in the state of Utah after the Tournament of Champions. Great job boys!

good things - just paid off my car! One less bill! Yay

thanks to tickets I won from you in October, I went to Ariana on Saturday night! Best concert experience of my life! Thank you

celebrated my daughters 2nd b day over the weekend

also went to the Ariana Grande concert thanks to you guys I won the tickets at the diamond dive!

something good- went to Moab for the weekend w/hubs and son

Celebrating our 24th anniversary to Shane & Lorie

Good news my daughters soccer team the Strikers u11 girls team took 2nd place in the cache valley cup. The game went all the way to pk's so proud of them!

Ran Ragnar trail Tahoe for the first time and had the most life changing experience! I can't wait to do another one!

something good. My husband and I are moving to Alaska. We put in an offer on a house yesterday!

just bought your first house < and celebrated my 12 year anniversary #blessed

start my new job today which includes a $5 an hour raise

just found out my sis is having a boy my other sis had her baby shower Sun. no kids for me but I'm one happy aunty of soon to be 5

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