TEXT TOPIC: What did you say when you were coming out of surgery?

coming to after a hernia op and my wife was talking to my parents and I started saying "lefty hurts" over and over.

After My hubby colonoscopy he told the nurse I had nice boobs

had surgery 2 weeks ago and when I woke up in the recovery room there was a Hispanic man waking up across from me and I was so confused I just kept staring at him with huge eyes to the point where the nurse started laughing

My friend had surgery and told us that he kept telling the nurse that she had vaginal dryness. Totally embarrassed his wife

told the nurse I was a stripper and needed to get back to work. My brother quickly said "no no! He isn't really a stripper!"

Payton got his wisdom teeth out a few months ago and freaked out because he thought they took his tongue and lips. Also he didn''t know the nurse helping him

Woke up from my boob job bawling because I thought they took my boobs and I was flat chested. Called the surgeon a jerk for tricking me and ended up puking in the car on the way home after that.

I told my husband that "I think I might be pregnant" while waking up from a colonoscopy. I definitely wasn't pregnant, I don't know why I said it LOL

my boyfriend came out of surgery and asked the nurse how long until he can start bumping honeys again

had bruises on my legs from playing sports and I kept telling all the nurses that my boyfriend at the time was abusing me, luckily they knew him and knew he wouldn’t hurt a fly

I kept saying I saw a dragon flying when I got outside. Wisdom teeth

Coming out of get my double uterus fix and I told the peeps I was the President I'd Justin Bieber's fan club! I was 25 and didn't know one of his songs!!

had a repair surgery and I guess all I would scream it f’ing hurts or just scream nurses had to ask my daughter to keep me quiet

My sister when she got her wisdom teeth out sung the Star Wars theme song as loud as she possibly could when she came out of sleeping

after my colonoscopy the room full of patients recovering were all farting, including me!

had a scope; when they woke me up, it startled me, & I yelled "I'm up!" apparently I dreamt I fell asleep @ my desk & boss was yelling @ me

my college roommate was 100% sure that her black cat was working for Obama

Out of surgery I said that I love Will Smith

my little brother called Taylor Swift an AHole when her song came on the radio on the way home & said that vanilla shakes were for peasants.

my daughter dislocated her shoulder and afterwards was calling the nurse a whore when she was checking her and then bunch of things to the doctor but the doctor said he didn''t care how sassy she can''t believe he was going to continue doing what he needed to do.

my dad told the nurse your really pretty shhhh... dont tell my wife. The "nurse" he thought he was talking to was his wife

I was 17 got my wisdom teeth taken out getting ready for my mission and I remember coming out telling my dad I feel like I'm drunk

My son kept asking if he was dead after wisdom teeth surgery. His gauze fell out of his mouth and he almost cried thinking his tongue had fallen out

all drugged up for my emergency c-section, my doctor asked how I was doing I said 'I'm hungry and I need something to eat '

my wife has her nose done, when they wheeled her into the recovery room the looked me with a serious look and asked how she looked then she burst into laughter. She then proceeded with New Nose Who Dis?

after my colonoscopy the nurse told me i needed to pass gass. I responded but saying "with pleasure"

my 10 year old was put under to set a broken arm. When he came to he told me (mom) that I always think om in charge but truth was he knows I''m not because I know NOTHING! Hahaha

watched Horrible Bosses before getting my wisdom teeth removed. I woke up concerned asking my girlfriend if they touched my wiener.

when I had my tonsils removed, I woke up and screamed "Iceberg!"

when I got my wisdom teeth out and just woke up I was calling one of the assistants nurse chapel from Star Trek since she had blond hair.

my sister was having a nerve block and the drug dr said this will feel like a mosquito bite and she screamed no it feels like an effing needle bitch!

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