TEXT TOPIC: Introduce some friends to each other, now you're the outsider?

story of my life! My best friend from high school did this to me all the time. The last straw was when we owned a houseboat together and she told me she couldn’t afford to go that year and we ended up seeing her there with the girl that I introduced her to the year before. Needless to say I’m not friends with either one of them anymore. Best decision ever!

I introduced my bff to a friend from school, they're engaged now..third wheel 4 life.

friend 10 years from college moved near me,I got her a job w/me, intro'd to my good work friend, she turned work friend agnst me,now we dont talk at all :(

Hey girls, I''m glad I was able to introduce you, but you don''t have to exclude me just because I don''t like going to the gym, counting calories, doing spin classes like M&ms, and worrying how bad that piece of bread botched my diet.

I live w/my BF, wsnt prev married in temple/doesn’t go 2 church so when I intro'd 2 friends, now dont talk to me cuz my "values" weren't the same.... BS!!!

introduced my boyfriend and best friend at the time, they started dating while we were still together. They got married and have a kid.... felt so stupid.

brought 2 friends in as roomates, introduced them. We would all hang out together. I got married and moved out. One invited the other to be his best man 

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