TEXT TOPIC: What made you feel old?

i am 34 and my daughter asked me if we had horse and buggies when i was young and if we had freeways

we went to an old town and walked through a blacksmith and my son asked me if I went to the blacksmith when I was a kid. I was 28

I was talking about a movie with Mark Wahlberg, to a couple of co-workers and referred to him as "Marky-mark". They were like, "who"?? I felt so old.

a guy asked me out! YES! He was great for a minute, until he says "WOW freaking beautiful for your AGE!" WHAT?!

Oldest son had second child on July 3rd. Old Moment. 3 Grandkids

felt old during a job interview when the girls I'd be manager over asked me my favorite band and I told them 311. They looked confused.

my 12 year old asked if I had color TVs i thought he 1900's!! I was born in 1982! I'm not that old but I literally LOLd and then thought dang I'm old!

when my granddaughter started driving

my son said " what is that, like 1985". Turning 40 this year. I feel 27.

Im 24, sis is 14. I picked her up in my 95 jeep. She didn't know how to roll the window down.. def. felt old..

helped with a young adult event and they had to teach me how to work a Tik Tok. I'm only 24!

when you go to the doctor for the monthly baby check and they say something with a caveat of due to your advanced maternal age. I am only 37

my son recently asked me if they had electricity when I was younger. I just turned 31

my 34yr old daughtr sent me a postcard in the mail,of course w/a simple greeting from Seattle.I show my 19yr ol son"look from ur sister" he says "what is that???

my daughter was wearing clothes I wore in the late 90s and I was about to say I had a shirt just like that and she said hey mom look at this cool retro shirt I got at pac sun. Now wishing I d kept all of my clothes I d be hip

felt old yesterday when I had to ask my teen to teach me how to use the bounce function in Snapchat. I'm 33

when my cousin told me she didn't know who Hannah Montana was

Kid: we are learning about 9/11 in school Me: were you even born when that happened? Kid: ummm no, I''m 17 Me: ...... =,

last night I told the guy at the drive thru "you're a gem" and my teenage daughter and the guy laughed at me. My daughter said I sounded 84. I'm 34!

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