TEXT TOPIC: What did you experience for the first time?

I'm getting ready to take my first airplane flight I'm a little bit nervous I'm 48

67 and felt my first earthquake at the Miracle Mile Mall In Planet Hollywood Vegas last week. I got motion sickness and I could hear the whole mall gasp.

went to therapy for the very first time. Basically talked about my in laws the whole time. But I highly suggest therapy for anyone and everyone!

motorcycles, I took the riders course and they got me to a comfortable place with the bikes

just turned 58 last week, and I just started listening to my first podcast every. I'm loving it!

My boyfriend never had a pet before (61yrs old) We now live together with my 10-year-old cat, And he adores that cat. And the cat likes him. It’s a win win

we recently went to Hawaii where we freedived and swam with sharks in open water! Such an amazing and cool experience!!

My 11 year old boy wanted to share that today was his first time to stand by the gas nozzle and be in charge of hanging it back up, he wanted to keep the receipt for his wall

BOTOX! I love it so much. Helps with tension headaches between my brows

Had my first drink at 39. Was doing the Mormon thing - no more!

experienced a swingers club for the first time 

I'm 35 and just started drinking alcohol

Dated a Mormon girl for the 1st time. Still a virgin 

Turned 32 this year and just had Nutella for the first time. Now I put. That. Shiz. On. EVERYTHING

I have thought I was in love before but it is nothing like the way I feel now. I know this is true love for the first time

first time going to Blues Brews and BBQ at Snowbasin. Super chill vibes up there, good drinks and great music! First time being to Snowbasin ever!

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