TEXT TOPIC: What do you need to stop, and what do you need to start?

I need to stop worrying about how things could go with my relationship with this guy I'm seeing and focus on the good things with him

I need to stop being scared of change and start treating others how they want to be treated, not how I want to be treated

stop taking to men as if I'm single. Start addressing the real issues in my marriage and

I need to stop criticizing every flaw I have. I'm beautiful the way I am. I need to start going to the gym cause I want to be active.

Stop doing: blaming others for my thoughts and feelings. Start doing: better self care

I need to stop worrying about other people’s jobs and how well they''re doing them at work. I wish everyone else would as well, but it’s probably better I stay in my own lane and not tell them to do it too.

I need to stop comparing myself to others and start being happy with what I have. I am incredibly blessed for a 25 year old.

I should stop with the Tinder dates and I should get my butt back to church!!!

I need to start betting a better housekeeper /parent. My house is struggling and needs some TLC. I need to stop being so depressed and stop doubting myself. It makes me so tired and worn out. I know I can do it.

I need to start communicating with my spouse and he needs to stop rolling his eyes and sighing every time I tell him something that's bothering me.

I need to stop being on my phone so much and start spending time with my family

need to STOP feeling guilty 4 leaving Mormon god/religion START feeling good about myself & the new life choices I've made. I'm a good person

I need to stop making excuses for everything and start pushing and motivating myself so I can reach my goals for success

I need to stop being to caddy, judging, and talking about people.

I need to stop putting everyone’s needs before my own. Being a mom I always do everything for everyone else but myself. So I need to put ME first orI can’t help anyone else

need to stop making excuses/doubting start improving wellbeing mentally& physically

Stop not giving myself enough credit. Full time working single mom dealing w loss of ex hub. Start loving self more

I need to stop eating so much damn sugar. And I need to start eating healthier and exercise!

I need to stop wasting time and energy at my job, and start focusing on my entrepreneurial ventures!

STOP BEING AROUND NEGATIVE AND BAD INFLUENCES! Start meeting new people and learn to be more vocal when I don''t like what someone is doing or saying or don’t want a person around me! I''m to nice and feel sorry for people and it turns into a bad situation

I need to stop living with my ex I broke up with and start living the independent life that I am seeking.

Stop being so rude and abusive towards myself. And start realizing that I am a human who makes mistakes and who deserves happiness

I need to stop stalking a certain persons fb page and start enjoying my own life and kids. We only see the surface on social media

I need to stop over thinking and start letting things go =M

what I need to start doing is know that God will not lead me astray. He has & will always have my back. Grateful for all he has helped change in my life!

I need to stop overthinking everything in my life and start having more fun and patience with my kids.

stop being on my phone all the time; start getting back into photography. Love you guys.

I need to stop beating myself up and start seeing my value

I need to stop staying up late, and I need to start getting my booty up early to workout!

I could stop telling myself I cant or spinning on 'What if' - I need to start journaling and doing yoga again

I need to stop blaming myself for things I had no control over when I was a child and I need to start living for my daughter

I need to stop body shaming myself and start loving my body for what it is or go to the gym if I can't

I NEED TO stop worrying about what i can't control and focus on what I can control

Need to stop doing nothing and need to start improving/ fixing myself and grow my business

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