TEXT TOPIC: Parents! Give you a chance to brag about your kids!

my daughter is the best. On our cruise the teen club leader personally came to our cabin with a build a bear and the sweetest letter telling us what an Amazing kid she is. She friended everyone in the club and invited everyone everywhere she went. True inspiration to me.

Daughter Shantae graduated her junior year. She pulled a 4.0 Today she is 20 & taking her test 4 her realtors license. I'm babysitting her 4-year-old son.

my daughter, Savannah, turned 2 on the 4th of July! She said "thank you" to every person after she opened her presents! She’s the sweetest and talks so well for her age (saying full sentences). Love her to pieces!

My three year old daughter is my anchor and lighthouse. She's helped me through a really hard patch in my life with her happy, sweet personality.

my daughter Shantae graduated halfway through her junior year. She pulled a 4.0 Today she is 20 & is taking her test 4 her realtors license. Did I mention I’m babysitting her 4-year-old son?

I'll brag on my daughter Kiana. She's going to Collegiate High School and has started Modeling. I’m a very proud momma

My daughter is 9 and helps me so much with my younger kids when their dad is away on business

my son has been sleeping through the night since he was born

My son Sawyer. Two years old and we had a vacation for a week in Maine and he was the most amazing travel buddy. We had so much fun and I can’t believe what a good boy he is

My son kohen is my best friend. Biggest heart ever. We both sleep without shirts on, and every time I take my shirt off he comes and gives me a huge hug and says "dad we are no shirt brudders (brothers) he’s 5

my 10 year old daughter ambree, she is so smart and good at everything she does , she is fluent in Spanish, a soccer star, and very patient with little sis. She has made me grow and I love her, very proud

I’d like to brag about my oldest child she is 11 yrs old and on June 26th she went and had her first surgery on her legs and shes my big baby and emotional so we thought it would be tough for her but she proved use wrong and is a champ and is already walking and up having fun! Proud of u baby girl made something that we thought was bad into a good thing love mom.

My five year old daughter Serenity pretty much saved me by coming into my life. I never realized how was child could teach a parent to be a better person until I had her. I’m so blessed to be the mother of such a sweet girl.

my 6 1/2 yr old daughter we were recently at our grocery store getting supplies for the 4th of July weekend so there was a ton of people and we stopped to let an older woman pass in front of us and she let us go instead ... my daughter said thank you to her. She stopped us and told my daughter she appreciated her saying thank you because that was the first time a child had said Thank you or excuse me to her the whole time in the (hectic) store. #proudmommymoment

My daughter Sosie. She is the sweetest and kindest soul. She is also quite hilarious, she must get that from her mom haha. She stays behind after school to help her teacher clean up the classroom. Just the best!

my son is the best!!! He is smart, funny, caring, kind & creative. He’s a great hockey player and takes Jiu-jitsu serious. He is sitting by me right now "reminding" me how awesome he is!! Lol.

my 10 went to day camp the other day and didn't tell me this, but the leader later called to say how sweet she is: there was a girl crying because she lost the ice cream money and her mom would be mad, so my daughter gave her all the money she had ($3) so she could have ice cream. That made me so happy especially because she didn’t brag about it.

My 7 year old daughter Oaklie. She is simply AMAZING. Beautiful, smart, funny and the best helper with her little sister & brothers

I rasied a great son Michael. He is willing to get a 2nd job to help me go through school. So I can focus on school and my 1 job. So I don’t have to worry about money. After I get my school done then he will move to Cali so he can live his dream on wanting to become a director.

my 10 year was invited to tryout for the soccer Olympic development program.

My son Taylor just graduated from J Reuben Clark Law School in Provo. Paid for everything himself receiving Pell Grants. Served a mission in Italy. Has been married for six years with two kids. Super proud of him!

my son turns 11 months old today and he started walking over the weekend!!

proud mom and mima moment My baby had her 1st baby on Friday. Baby girl Rose Emily= so proud of my daughter

It's my daughters 24th b day she is in her masters degree at Westminster to be a teacher! Spa rents we are so proud of her! Happy birthday Mariah

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