TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that you walked in on?

I was a teenager doing my bizness in the lower bunk bed like an idiot w/ lights on, my dad walked in and I denied it. The next day I left a "how to check for cancer" pamphlet I got from school the previous day on his desk w/ note lying what I was doing. CRISIS AVERTED!

my dad standing naked waiting for my mom with a ROSE IN HIS MOUTH!

1st time doing it together and his dad walked in on us. " O! don't stop just letting you know I made salsa"

this happened when I was 26, I'm 38 now and it still makes me scream NO!! my grandma caught me going solo. I just want to throw up still ...poor granny

My parents walked in on me and my first boyfriend and my mom screamed and all my dad said was I know that move!

I am a girl I was was 10 (34 now) walked down the hall to go to my room, had to pass my older brother''s room and he was goin solo with his door open. I turned right around and walked away, made some noise as i walked back so he would hear me coming to my room. . . he never knew I saw him. Mortified! Ew!

walked in on my little sister losing her virginity hahaha wow

walked in on my son. Thought he was cleaning his room with music on. NOPE! I did knock, but now I make sure he hears me. He doesn't know I saw him.

MY MOTHER!!! With a handheld massager! I wanted to vomit!!

Brother: busts into my room "hey I need to borrow a movie" Me: "ummm I''m masturbating" --long pause Brother: "I''ll bring it back when I''m done " grabs movie and leaves. We never talked about it again.

walked in on my grandparents getting busy when I was in my 20's.. scared for life

My son walked in on us quiet as a damn mouse waited until we were completely finished then awkwardly said I just need to grab my tablet. He''s five. We no longer keep the iPad charging in our bedroom!

Walked in on my mom and dad when I was little. Me not knowing just thought they were hugging each other in bed horizontal.. wasn't until I was older that I realized what they were doing

when I was 13 I walked in on my brother and his girlfriend. Let''s just say I also saw some toys next to the bed. This was 20 years ago and I still can''t look them in the eye most of the time.

when I was younger I was having a sleepover with my bff. I had a headache and my parents kept all of the meds in their room. I went in their room, and they were doing it

walked in on my parents. Twice. In the same week.

my mom walked in on my and my husband when we were first dating and said no sleep overs and walked out.

went to ask if I could hangout with friends and walked upstairs on my parents with the door open

Eddie walked in on me and my Kevin doing the deed and thought we were wrestling and wanted to join the fun!!

when I was 11 I walked in on my parents but their room was set up in a way they didn''t see me. They had a sauna off their bathroom and I hid in there so long and was so scared to come out I peed my pants!

Stayed in a motel with my parents. They hung a sheet from the ceiling but left the lamp on it was a puppet show. I was 12

I was a teenager with my girlfriend, my dad walked in and said that's my boy, and walked out

walked in on my parents twice. Once they didn't lock the door and once they locked it but didn't shut it so when I knocked it pushed open..

when I was in my 20s, my girlfriend still lived with her parents. We were getting busy in her room when her mom walked in and set down some laundry! My girlfriend casually said thanks mom. We all had dinner together that night, most awkward situation ever.

walked in on my parents when I was 8. My dad immediately says "I'm training your mom to be stronger" I say, u have to be on her to do that? Lol

6 yr old walked in on us dad behind me, hubby said he was giving me a massage. 6yr old I''ll help, hubby NO! She walked out crying she just wanted to help lol

got walked in on by my cousin when I was 15 he came to get a PS2 controller I told him to hurry and I proceeded to finish

I just barely thought of walking in on someone doing something. I was with my friend and we went to his house the door was locked. his door was never locked. the light was on downstairs, so we jumped down in the window well and got to witness his mom riding the baloney pony 😬😁needless to say my friend was mortified. luckily she had a night gown on

walked in on my sister when I was 9, she was 14 and was supposed to be babysitting us. I called my dad, who then JUMPED a train to get to my mom who was picking him up from work. All my sister could say is... "he''s big, huh?"... like I don''t know... I didn''t even know what those things looked like.Not cute. Traumatized for life.

My son walked in us when he was three or four, slapped my butt and said "get off my mom"

My 7 year old son walked in on my husband and I- I then launched him off me like hulk! Didn''t know I could throw 225lbs

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