TEXT TOPIC: What is the weirdest thing someone has stole from work?

work at a salon and clients go into the bathroom and steal our bathroom frebreeze spray and scent plug ins

had someone steal my frozen cheesy broccoli out of the break room freezer. Yes. Someone stole my broccoli.

at my husbands automotive business a customer used the restroom and stole the poop pourri.

Someone stole the fake charlie brown christmas tree, ornaments and all!!!!

took straws from my work for my mom for a girls camp project she was working on.

coworker used to steal computer ram to make Keychain to sell

A kid stole a package of liver and a bottle of chocolate milk from a grocery store where I worked. Liver, of all things!! Lol

We have a bowl of candy where I work to pass out a new hires someone dumped out the candy and took the bowl

employ left Woody Allen movies on table in break room, someone thought they were free. Person who left them had to pay library for them.

stole like 10-12 little mayo packets so i could make a tuna sandwich later... Broke college student

a patient stole a vaccine that was sitting on a desk. Haha. It was a childhood vaccine, they must have thought it was something good!

Work at a restaurant with 4 sauces on all tables. Owners came RUNNING, shouting asking if we caught him. Security tape-nice suit opens empty case pits sauces in, leaves LOL

my best friend goes tanning and takes the tanning glasses every single time. He has like an entire case of them

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