TEXT TOPIC: Were you responsible for breaking up a relationship?

I was married to a woman for over 10 years and recently divorced. In the process of getting divorced I also pretty much broke up two other marriages because I was going after the husbands. (I''m the man, and gay now)

my cousin has dated 3 of my friends about a year or two each and I broke all of them up. I hate my cousin!

my girl was waiting for a missionary. I wanted her and won her over. She broke up with missionary after he got home. We have now been married for 5 yrs.

My brother and bff were d8ing they were having issues and I told my brother if he wasn''t having feels for her to break up so he did. My bff was so bad she called DCFS and said my stepdad was sexually abusing me

we were friends with benefits way before they ever got together. Sorry that I''m so good in bed that he didn''t want to give me up. The new guy ended up finding out and breaking up with him. But guess what?! We''re still sleeping together

found out that my best friend and my Ex girlfriend kissed at a party one night. So I told his girlfriend and we decided to sleep together and that ended both relationships lol #worthit

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