TEXT TOPIC: Who do you need to be passive aggressive with?

I'm just gunna say people hook your trailers up right !!!

Dear Felicia, if you could stop chewing ice and popping gum for like 10 minutes so I can focus on work, that would be great! #likenailsonachalkboard - long walk off a short pier girl.

get off your A and watch your kids, make them get off their phones and play outside! Interact with your kids, your their mother!

People of foxboro in NSL, stop parking on the damn road it's to small for that.

bully girl at work - supposed no tolerance at work- Hmmm still there stalking harassing an employee

dear drivers on 1900 west in Ogden/Roy. The speed limit is 55!!! Not 30, not 45. 55!! SPEED THE HELL UP! I''m sick of getting stuck behind all the slow pokes!

Stop going through my phone when I am sleeping to try and find me doing something wrong. You need to fix what you've done to damage our marriage.

how dare you call someone out in church for their behaviors. You are far from perfect. Look in the mirror.

I''m a receptionist at a Dr office. STOP LEAVING YOUR KIDS UNATTENDED IN THE LOBBY. WE ARENT RESPONSIBLE IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO THEM. I don''t have the time to babysit

to the jackasses that think it's ok to do 55 in the middle lane on the freeway, move the hell over!

dentists, don''t shame my husband for using chewing tobacco. He knows it''s bad, but you embarrassing him about it makes him never want to go to a dentist again. Help him don''t shame him

Dearest Uncle, don''t complain about not having enough money to buy your grandkids birthday presents and then show off your new tattoo the next time I see you. Not cool!

Dear customers if we''re taking the time to protect and take care of your personal belongings and Furniture the least you can do is offer a bottle of water in this hot weather PS tips aren''t expected but are appreciated

To my neighbor in Riverton, will you please adjust your stupid sprinklers, you're supposed to water your grass not my Jeep.

Oh little brother of mine, we grew up with a dysfunctional parent and you know the damage it had on us all. Why are you begging a person with destructive behaviors to love you and take you back? Are fake boobs and a thigh gap really the most important thing to you?

Why do you think it's okay to park in front of someone's driveway?! You'll think twice when I have your car towed.

We''re all treated the way we allow people to treat us. Make changes if you don''t like the way your hubby treats you. Don''t tolerate, quit bitchin. Self respect first, Lady! With LOVE!

I'm not your wife I'm not your maid clean up your own shiz you're a big boy

Hey Sister in law. Thanks for taking over my house and using us as a hotel while on vacation in Utah. We feel like guest in our own house and we’re ready for you to go home. Buy your own food and stop pretending you feel bad when you see how frustrated we are.

I realize that your mom was a jerk to you growing up but stop being a demeaning SOB to my kids cause I try to give them a fun life! Just cause your childhood wasn’t awesome doesn’t mean my kids shouldn’t have a kick ass childhood! Freaking JERK! Get over it, you’re 67 year olds!!

To a certain family member of mine. Stop bossing around your spouse. It's getting old.

Domestic violence is never right you deserve everything that the court is slamming on you

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