TEXT TOPIC: What was the last impulse buy you made?

I bought a freaking monkey. 5 grand on a monkey. On a whim. W. T. F. Was I thinking?!

My car was my dumb impulse buy. I didn't need a new car.....What was I thinking?!?

my impulse buy was buying my 270 hunting rifle it was on clearance

dumbest impulse buy is a big box of condoms

a cereal bowl for the hubs that separates the milk. So dumb

bought the tushy....stupid bidet for the toilet...IG ad got me!

Bought the No-No. Was defective. Had to fight w/ the company to return it.

I bought the shake weight. I loved it until someone told me what it looks like when you use it. Kind of embarrassing

bought a lime green couch. Somehow we got it into the house but when it was time to move it didnt come out! I ended up cutting it into pieces. #worstpurchaseever

I was in Vegas and walked by a kiosk. I was convinced to buy this "fountain of youth" type face product for $80!! It coulda been water from the DeadSea for all I know!! Haha!!

Impulse stupid buy. Tooele opoly

bought a damn Kirby vacuum because I felt bad for the sales guy that came to my door... yes he had a good pitch and suckered me into buying it!! #imasucker #neveragain #damnsalespeople

bought a astrology report for myself for $40.00. I was on the computer & got sucked into their add. It was totally stupid & things I already knew! Ugh!

spent $3,000 on a dirt bike that I rode once and crashed.

the stupidest impulse buy we did like a month ago was a Guinea pig and a cage!!!=!=!=! what a waste of money nobody likes him or play with him.

My impulse purchase was a rabbit. It''s cute but the thing sh**s EVERY WHERE! It won''t litter train and it hates being held. Now I''m stuck w itbc I begged my husband for it and I can''t say I don''t want it.

thought I wanted a convertible and bought a mistubishi eclipse. Dumbest purchase ever. You ever try and bring groceries home with no trunk.

went to target this morning. Spent $85. I don't even know what I bought

$250 on a "fitness class certification " yeah a total waste of time and money!

11 acres of property

Impulse bought a one acre lot in Park City after my stupid neighbors annoyed me for the last time in my house in the suburbs.

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