TEXT TOPIC: Who is losing sleep over money right now?

losing sleep because my husband wants a divorce but he's always paid the bills. Idk how I'm going to do it without him

I’m losing sleep over money right now because I just returned from maternity leave and all of our credit cards are maxed out for medical bills now. My mom also helped us paid $900 medical bill so I owe her that as well.

had to quit my job because the cost of day care for 2 kids was taking my whole check. It''s been 2 years and I''m yet to find a job that pays enough for day care and would work with me for my kids school schedules. We have no family available to help with kids, so while they are small we just have to struggle to get by with one income. The things we do for kids!

losing sleep over paying the everyday expenses and bills like food, gas, formula and rent due to having thousands of dollars of medical debt.

stressed because my husband is military and we are moving plus having a baby. He doesnt want me to work and we have separate bank accounts.

had a rich uncle that died. Trying to decide to use the money toward the mortgage, finish basement, or new baby. Don't know which is the best decision

Inherited 400k a month ago, paid all debt off including mortgage, my daughters student loans and her car. Now stressed that 3/4 of it is gone and stress about not spending money. Crazy I know. I''m retiring in 3 years so it''s amazing all bills are paid off.

have to pay for a bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, grandbaby on the way insurance won't cover delivery, and the engine just blew on my car

I''ve been loosing sleep because of money this year. My fiance and I just bought a house and now planning a wedding for 300+ guests.. our house needs a new roof and we need a fence that will cost 4k.

Loosing sleep because of $$ I have to pay for a 3 yr old that I didn’t create. Damn dead beat parents!!!

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