TEXT TOPIC: Are you in a polygamy or polyamorous relationship?

I'm the blank. Polyamorous- married to hubby for more than a decade but in various types of relationships with 4 other guys

I think my parents are becoming polygamy curious. In the last few years they''ve picked up a few polygamist friends and been to a polygamist wedding. I''m keeping an eye on them

I''m in a polyamory relationship with my boyfriend. There is another woman. It has been going on for the past three years. I''m leaving him the end of this month. I have been packing my things and when he asks me why I''m packing up some of my stuff I tell him I''m just cleaning things up and getting rid of things I don''t need anymore. One of them is him. I''m so done with him and it.

dated a guy in a Poly marriage. His wife would change the sheets &make the bed for us when we were having a date, it was all weird &uncomfotable #REGRETS

My niece had a boyfriend who had a girlfriend. And when the two girlfriends met they became a couple as well. So, there were three different couples in this love triangle. It was awkward when one of the girls broke up with the guy but stayed in the relationship with the other girl.

It's me. Married, with a girlfriend, and have a couple friends with benefits, they all know about each other

my cousin is in a polyamorous relationship and it's a hot mess more so than a regular relationship!

poly- it be confusing. My hubby has relationships with other women only. But I have a poly boyfriend who is married and bisexual so dates anyone he wants

it''s me, (female) I have been married for over 20 years, the last six years we (unplanned) brought in a third. We are in a committed polyamorous relationship. Sleep in same bed. Requires lots of communication, but worth it

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