TEXT TOPIC: Happy Tuesday! What is your PA text?

Good Morning and Goodnight texts mean something. A relationship cant be built on hand wave and smiley wave emojis. You're losing her man.

Hey Karen, when you don't pull over after hitting someone and just keep going, that's a hit and run... hard concept I know.

I'm tired of doing your work,move your little legs and keep up or gtfo

my sister overdosing and needing to go to the er in the middle of the night is more important than a job you ended up quitting anyway

You came into a large some of money and buy your friends things but can't pay me back

stop giving me your unsolicited pregnancy advice. If I have questions I'll ask. But not you cause you're a crappy parent.

how about you put your kid first and ditch the gf who keeps losing her children to cps.

stop complaining that you dont have money when you turned mom down to move in and help with your mortgage

If you''re going to go into work late maybe try helping me with the kids so I don''t have to race around And wake up a sleeping three-month-old baby while you sit there and sleep and I have to be to work by 8 AM

Utah drivers... just because I pull over while emergency vehicles pass, doesn't mean you're an ass and don't let me back in. I HATE that!

if your not invited don't invite yourself. We aren't paying your way. There's no room for you. Be an adult

Here's a thought, don't touch the dang air conditioning vents in my car! It takes me hours to set them perfectly so the air blows on me.

Clean up your fireworks from our yard every 4th that have already been used even if the wind blows them. CLEAN IT. Sweep it. I''m sick of coming home to find all of your crap and having my kids clean up after you. Your adults.

don't get a go fund me for help because you got laid off and your hubby left you and then go on vacation

the 2 women @ work. We work in a dang warehouse, ur 50+ years old, Wear clothes that ur a** isn't going to hang out of when you bend over

Haha! now you're struggling because everyone quit after you fired me. But I came out on top!! Better pay, better management, better insurance. Thank you!!

f you Wyatt!... after all I've done for you here at work...seriously...putting myself in jeopardy to help you.... and you abandoned me.. f you bro

to my coworker who always complains that she is stressed and doesn''t have time. Maybe if you didn''t shop, play games and take ten breaks a day you would get your shiz done.

Don t make promises you can t keep! I don t think you understand how much you are messing with our livelihood and stability. We are struggling financially because of you. You need to get your business together and stop blaming others or you re going to go under.

out of staters get out of the fast lane!!!

just because the airline changes the type of equipment to Hawaii and your first class seat is not a lay flat seat doesn''t allow you to tell me you want to rip out my throat. You throwing your tantrum is embarrassing to yourself.. #actyourage

you and your 600 emails think you''re SO important! All you care about is how it will make you look and everyone sees your true colors. You''re a pathetic boss.

stop touching me! We're friends but I don't like touching. You're triggering me.

Hey Avery! You make terrible coffee. Stop brewing the office pot, I end up dumping it out and brewing a new pot. Also your attitude sucks today

hey bro just because you don''t fire your employees and girlfriend when they drink on the job for you, doesn''t mean I have to hire you still after hearing you did the same

just bc our relationship ended doesn't erase the couple grand $$ you owe me.

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