TEXT TOPIC: Do you drive for work? Lyft, Uber, or Cab?

Homeless woman - she was manic, she smelled real bad, the smell didn't go away for 4 full days

pick up an older guy and within 10 minutes he was spilling out his life story including sleeping with his sons nanny which was 20 younger that him. I''m just the driver not a counselor or a sex therapist.

had a guy on St Patrick's day sitting next to me up front kept touching me on arm & telling me he loves me---The funny thing is I'm not a female!

picked up a guy who just got in a fight with his wife and took him to northern exposure.

Psgr started undressing in my car bc he thought he was in his bdrm getting ready for bed. Wtf?!18 min drive turned into a 10 min drive REAL fast!

had a guy crawl over my seats and break my camera. During xmas season. Found a cop and dropped the dude off. He was arrested for assault. Go to court next month. So many stories

people getting g freaky in the back seat. What happens in the minivan stays in the Mini van

pretty sure I drove a guy to finish a drug deal, on his way to visit homie that "was shot in a robbery" to hospital. 1 star from me!

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