TEXT TOPIC: Did you get blamed for something you didn't do?

I was blamed for stealing a wedding ring that went missing as a kid. i didn't take it but the other kids made up stories and accusations

got charged with destruction of property, for vandalizing my ex boyfriends truck, and I never touched his truck. There was NO proof. I have court fines

I got blamed for talking bad about a co working when I didn't say anything. And I lose my promotion. Took me 2 years to get it back

years ago a jaded ex of a student on the high school team I coached went to the administration saying she was having a sexual relationship with me. Thankfully the admin quickly realized there was nothing to the claim.

I was 8. Put into timeout for 2 hours until I would fess up for playing with paper and a candle. Still to this day none of my siblings have taken responsibility. It wasn’t me.

have a friend that was accused of molesting kids next door a year prior. She worked in childcare, lost her job. And it wasn't true! Was never charged.

father-in-law got arrested for murder and plastered on the news, reputation ruined. Found innocent but news stories never updated

got blamed for abusing my ex & kids, protective ordered filed against me. Had to leave my home, car, and kids 4 3 wks. Everything reversed in court later. Ugly! Full custody award to me

Spent a wk in the SL Co. jail for an assault at a party. Wasnt at the party. Charges dismissed but still 6 felonies on my record that I have to pay $300 

my brother''s house was raided, guns drawn, house tore up, my brother sat in jail for 3 days, lost his guns because of a friend that came to the house frequently. They thought my brother was him.

In jr high I got called into the office and was blamed for attacking a girl and getting in a big fight. I had to point out to the office that there was another girl with my same name, it was her. I got a free school shirt for the trouble. Haha

My mom had a collection of rare coins that she inherited. I was blamed for spending it when it was actually my cousin who was visiting for the summer!! Happened over 30 years ago. Still annoyed!!

Army Basic Training, entire platoon got blamed for a missing MRE. Got 2 hours of corrective physical exercise for that.

Me and sis shared a room. One morning my mom found poop in the bed! Was not me!!! I know it was her but she still denies it to this day!

Right now the stupid rental car company is saying I damaged the under carriage of the car because it wasn''t marked on the sheet. How the hell does one check the under carriage at pick up? I DIDN''T DO IT

traded a car into a dealership. They were supposed to pay my existing loan off at the credit union, but forgot to send the check in. Over 30 days passed and the credit union thought I was late on the loan. They reported the delinquency to my credit report And I was completely out of the loop from both parties.

was accused of stealing from a friend. I was at a wedding when her money and *NSYNC ticket was stolen. She called me screaming at me

was accused of witness tampering that was exonerated but not after 18 months of probation and over $100,000 in legal fees.

my ex made false accusations with cps against me. Jokes on him though because they closed that investigation that day and opened yet another one on him.

There is a guy in California with felony warrants has the same name as my husband. So every time my husband gets pulled over or tries to leave the country he gets interrogated to see if he’s this other dude

I was playing with a broom as a parade leader when I was 6 and I poked it through the ceiling. I blamed my brother and to this day my mom still thinks it was him. I''m 30 now.

Worked at a theme park at 15, I was accused of stealing money, my parents asked to move me to a different place & they ended up catching those who stole during a power outage. Company never apologized. Told them Hell No to coming back next summer.

Accused of sleeping with a guy from work. We went on a date and after he tried to feel me up in the theater I left him there, 10 minutes into the movie. I got looks and giggles the next day, then it hit me he lied. I shut that down right quick.

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