TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something Good!! What is your something good?

I'm on my way to Hawaii!!!!!

I start my new job as a nurse today!!! Graduated nursing school and passed the state licensing test. Been working on this for years!

Listening to you now while laying on the couch on vacation in Rahway, Jersey. Jennifa from Jersey

I broke up with my fianc after two years. She turned me upside down and around and I'm finally able to be my own person again!

Wife and I are putting in an offer to our first home today, fingers crossed!!

It's first of July and my 30th bday is on Saturday!

my husband and I have a 3 year old son together, we''ve tried to get pregnant for almost two years and struggled. I finally got pregnant and and 17weeks now and want a girl so bad. My husband has 2 boys and 1 girl from previous marriage so he and his family says "he doesn''t make girls so not to get my hopes up". We found out the gender this past weekend and it''s a... girl. Couldn''t be more excited. Happy Monday.

I'm going to lake Powell for the first time this weekend & I am so pumped !

We found out we're having a baby boyyyyy=

my birthday and my honey bought me a spa day!!

made it too 30 weeks with my twins!

11 day Vacay starts in T-2 days

start my new job at the U of U hospital today and I'm 5 months away from graduating nursing school!

1 week sober today after 8+ years of alcohol ruling my life!

my daughter is having her baby Wednesday

it's my last 3 days at my job of 10+ years. I'm starting a new job on Monday!

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