TEXT TOPIC: Happy Thankful Thursday! Who or what are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for Ms. Jessica Ferguson. She has changed my life in SOOO many ways. She brightens my day and my life. I am lost without you. Love you!!

want to say thank you to my boss for seeing my potential and giving me a raise I also want to say thank you to my mom for always being there for me

I want to thank my father for bringing us to the states from Mexico when I was only 2. I was some how able to get residency. He got deported back. I miss him

I want to thank the nurses in the special care unit of riverton hosp especially Blanche. When my son was born he had pneumonia and was in the scu for a week. Blanche took time each day to talk to me & make sure I was handling everything okay. Nurses rock!

want to say a HUGE thank you to mama karen and my kids nana! thank you so much for always taking the time to watch my kids, we wouldn''t be where we are without you. we love you and appreciate you so much!!!

want to thank my kids! They make me feel loved and I''m one lucky momma that they stay out of trouble. They work hard everyday and are all just amazing! I love you Richard, Kiana, and Elizabeth!

Thanks to my team at Fastel. You guys rock and I'll miss you

Thank you to my bestie for being my rock as well as loving my boys this past year. Love you Stac!!

I want to say thank u too the hospital staff at shriners hospital for amazing staff our stay here has been amazing my daughter''s recovery from surgery is going steady

thank you to 4 who make my morning fun. I'm thankful for a new job where I can listen to the whole show. Thanks Wayne for sharing last week & love ur laugh

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