TEXT TOPIC: Did you overhear someone talking about you and it crushed you?

Heard my boss speculating if I was faking my kid's hospital Visit while she was in ICU cause I didn't timestamp pics

my friend overheard her coworkers making fun of her looks. They called her a butterface. It crushed her

spent my wedding day getting ready by myself because my bridal party didn''t want to come to my hotel and get ready with me, a month later I heard the maid of honor say I got to upset/emotional over it and I should just let it go

My brother called me manipulative. Hes in denial its his manipulative wife that put it in his head and has separated him from his family. Someday hell see.

years ago my sisters in law were in the kitchen. I went in her bedroom which is just right off from the kitchen. She thought I went outside, and I was

that I had the attention span of a gnat. I cried all the way home from payson to Lehi.

overheard my stepchild telling family members that I physically abused him and call him horrible names.

dated someone for 9 months, about 4 months in I started helping with her bills, heard her say at 9 months she felt she had to keep dating me for the money.

used to be a huge gossip and talked bad about a lot of people. When I was about 22 at work I was complaining about a coworker. When i turned around she was within earshot, doing her work, looking so hurt-almost crying. That was a turning point for me, I try to only say kind things now even though sometimes it''s so hard!

I wasn''t close to my dad nor his side of the family till I was about 15. One day my gparents introduced me to my gpa''s sister and I overheard him explaining to her I was pretty much the result of a 1 night stand, which wasn''t true but it killed me to hear that. Was all I could do to not let them see me cry that day.

my step dad and I don''t get along. I''m high school he didn''t know I was in the other room. Told my BF to break up with me and that I was a B****. Thankfully they''re divorced now

I overheard my dad saying I would never amount to anything because I had a baby young, I''m now married, have two kids, and make more than him, suck on that old man

heard a long time friend say I''m the most insecure person on the planet. Still hurts to think they think that. We all have issues. I''m strong, just have had a rough go at life. Doesn''t make me that most insecure person. We no longer talk.

i overheard my mom talking to my grandma about my recent weight gain. i was 13 and just received my 3rd concussion and was bed bound for 3 months.

Moved next door to my bff of over 30 years. While on my back patio I overheard them talking about me. Making fun of my clothes, jewelry, etc. They said I should "go back to Magna where I belong." I am heartbroken. Crushed doesn''t begin to describe how sad this made me.

overheard coworkers saying that I had gotten promoted only because I was a pretty bitch & the guys liked me (I worked my A-off!) & complain about howI was working my promotion & how they could do better, we were the same rank-diff department

on numerous occasions I have heard my husband tell his family or friends that he has to be patient and how hard it is to love me. They tell him to leave and he doesn''t stand up for me. My husband is a control freak and him and his family are toxic yet I''m the one that has all problems.

when I was younger, I had a studder and it was something I was working on. When I was it work, I got asked to do the closing announcement for the store and I over heard my friend making fun of me and saying I am going to sound dumb because I will studder my way through the whole thing. I was so embarrassed and it hurt my feelings.

my dad butt dialed me while talking to his co-worker about how I had so much potential to be amazing and that I had now ruined my life because I had gotten pregnant out of wedlock and not with the abusive person who impregnated me. I was devastated.

my mom was telling someone how much she hated the house my hubby & I bought. She said she cried when she saw it & it''s the the worst house she''s ever seen. Everyone that has been over loves the house. My parents are the only ones that hated it.

My buddy was dating one of my ex''s. One day I was telling him about what I didn''t like about her and why we broke it off. Didn''t know she was nearby and she heard everything. I felt horrible.

I recently over heard coworkers talking crap on me because of my disability and the way I walk ..I have a neuro muscular disease that I''m already self conscious about. That crushed me!

Heard my best friend tell a bunch of guys that I was fat. She was bigger then I was. Got rid of the friend then the weight

I excitedly told my family at a BBQ about my recent promotion (126% raise) and over heard 2 cousins saying the only way that could have happened is if I slept with one of the bosses. "She doesn''t even have a degree"

heard my mom and dad arguing one day and I heard my dad say that I was a mistake. We no longer have a relationship.

Several years ago, I had a massive heart attack and quadruple bypass. Shortly afterward I lost a 130 pounds call my boss at work telling a coworker that he like me better fat because I was easier to control

Joined a conf call, no one knew. Had completed an upgrade to a system and something went wrong. People I''d bend over backward for were bad mouthing me and I always had their back. "He gets paid too much", etc. Come to find out it was on their part of the upgrade, not mine. Said, "that''s why I get paidthe big bucks" with a smirk.

I was in the other room. And my bridesmaids were all talking about how my husband and I will get divorced. This was our wedding day. Still hurts.

my dad's ex girlfriend said I was going to grow up and be white trash

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