TEXT TOPIC: When did you have a Demi Lovato moment?

was called on in class & the teacher asked me to give an example of a model. I answered, Tyra Banks. Wrong type of "model" she was asking for.

Hubby and I were driving and the sunset was really beautiful and he goes "oh man that's sure a kodiak moment." I was like "you mean Kodak moment?" Haha!

dating Donovan and he came over because I had a flat tire and he said it's a nail on the top, I said well why is it flat on the bottom?

at Baskin Robbins if he wanted a cup or cone? He promptly replied a bowl duh!!

In football when they showed the yellow scrimmage line on TV my sister always wondered how they got that painted on and taken off before the next play!

Friend was in recovery and went to savers looking for a job. They lady asked her how much time do you have...she said about 90 days. The lady wanted to know if she had time for an interview.

I never knew the word kennel for dogs was kennel I always thought for about 15 years of my life or 20 years of my life I thought it was "kenno" I feel so dumb after someone told me that it''s not kenno! Lmao

used to wonder why all the road signs with an arrow pointed up towards the sky. I learned they meant go straight.

when my daughter was 10 it was right after Elizabeth Smart disappeared. She saw on the highway sign "Amber Alert" she then said I am glad my name is not Amber they all get kidnapped

Literally EVERY time when I'm at the movie theater and the usher says, "enjoy your movie!" I say, "you too!" FML

A few years back, my aunt asked my mom if she had seen My Dog, Skip. My mom said, "wow that''s amazing!" And my aunt said again, have you seen My Dog,Skip. My mom wasn''t getting that it was a movie

I read my child's book incorrect for years. Pronounced orangutan as "or an gut an". There wasn't a picture for a hint

Out on a date at a restaurant. Waitress asked soup or salad. I had the look of a deer in headlights. I looked at my date and said I just want a regular salad. I thought the waitress said super salad. So embarrassing

My husband and I were driving to Jackson hole and I saw the open range signs and I asked my husband if that meant you could just go shooting wherever in that area. On the way back he made fun of me and told me we were dodging bullets.

It was raining bad outside at work one day. I ask my coworker if the mud was muddy!!! I did not mean to say that. He looked at me weird and said why yes the mud is muddy

my son and I were talking about my moms health care to get her feeling better, and they texted me that she will need PT, I couldn’t figure out what that meant, my son said it means physical therapy

my ex-wife years ago once saw a sigh that said free WiFi and she asked, "what is wiffee?"

GOT (Got me too).And, roflmao (Rolling on floor laughing my a-- off). I guess it's my age, 50's. I usually have to think for a moment when someone sends 1.

a few years ago my wife and son were talking about something and she told him he better be lucky he isnt one of those African kids and I seriously asked "where do they live?"

Recently when picking out my dads gravesite I asked which end the headstone went on. Duh it goes where the head is.

customer asked where the condiments were. Employee took them to condoms. Customer says no like mayo, mustard

Worked as a checker at a grocery store. Man bought condoms. I asked "want them in a sack?" He laughed. I got it after he left

I work in an Ear nose throat office and this lady kept saying she''s wanting to get pregnant again but wants to get her tubes done first. After a few comments I finally asked how she plans to get pregnant with tied tubes. Her appt in our office was an EAR tube surgery consult

I did this with Buffalo Wild Wings. Are they buffalo or chicken?!?!?!?!

Dated a girl who legit thought we lost an hour and gained an hour with daylight savings, so the day became 23 hrs or 25 hrs

we were going to New Mexico and my mom was extremely concerned that she forgot her passport & She thought you needed a passport for New Mexico...Mom you are American

Thought the song "it's the end of the world as we know it" was a news announcement and I sat there and cried and scared

my friend Worked at walmart. Older lady asked where the nut cups were. Friend took her to the Jockstraps.

when i was in high school i worked for a resteraunt waiting tables the lady asked if we had long island icetea i told her we had lipton

My dad once said "the day people die they don't see the sunset" I made sure I saw the sunset for probably 3 months after that until I realized the joke.

used to think Dont Drink and Drive meant you couldn''t drink anything while driving and I would cry every time my mom got a soda at a drive through and would say "Mom, dont drink and drive!!"

my friend got a mammo and asked the tech if they were going to be read today. She answered "they might be a little pink, but not red"

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