TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family who fights with people in public?

It’s my wife!! Ever since we got together she has grown massive cajones when it comes to confronting people in public. It hasn’t ever reached something physical, but I know if it does that I’ll be in the trenches because of her mouth

SIL wont confront people but she’ll talk loud and nasty about strangers in public so they can hear it. It’s horrifying. I’m surprised no one has physically come at her (I’m tempted sometimes)

my soon to be father in law complains about EVERYTHING! How other people drive, calls everyone idiots, talks about people poorly in front of them, etc. I get so embarrassed

My brother in law cursed out several Disneyland employees just because his kid wasn't tall enough to ride the big rides.

My dad. He is THAT customer that you do not want to have. Something is always wrong. It was my late Uncle Joe here wants screams because there was too much milk in are milk shake. That poor employee at Carl''s junior.

My old stepdad, every time we went out someone made him mad. He would cuss them out if they looked at him the wrong way, he wore a bulletproof vest

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