TEXT TOPIC: What is your PA text?

Hey boaters we are fishing on shore don't race your boat by our lines making a big wake I hope fish are giving you the fin

You lost the best thing you''ve ever had. Hope match.com gets you what you''re looking for. Grass isn''t always greener. I''ll be loved like I deserve. Goodbye loser!!!

hey Californians. Move back to California. We don't want you here. You've ruined Utah. And when you leave take a CA friend back with you.

Stop speeding and driving distracted in residential areas. You may hit a kid!

bring back real men. Real relationships. Porn and social media isnt real.

Babe I love you but this lovin only once every week or two just isn''t enough. I won''t turn to cheating, just saying, if you don''t increase sexy time my toy collection is going to get significantly bigger making you obsolete.

When at the movies: *please shut up *please shut your kids up *get off your phone *can you at least pretend that there''s other people around you??? AWARENESS PEOPLE

when you use the dryer at the laundromat clean out your lint catcher I don't want to clean your mess up

My wife can't do anything on her own. Asked her to take care of one bill. Now we are in collections. Moving out in August, can't wait.

2 the woman traveling north on I-15 today in an old school Hyundai Elantra do your makeup b4 u start driving. U r the reason we have traffic issues. put the makeup down and drive!

if you want to blame me for your failed work projects, you better back it up w/ evidence like what I have proving it was your error.

my son is not yours, you weren''t even a good step-parent, we are getting divorced so stop putting his picture all over your social media! He''s not yours to claim!!!

STOP RUNNING RED LIGHTS!!! The extra 2 minutes you saved yourself is not worth taking someone else''s life. I see this happen countless times on my daily commute and it''s terrifying!

U R not a friend of mine or my hubby. UR an internet bully and mooch off UR rich MIL. Get off your ass and act like a real husband and father.

Solicitors you''ve been coming so often my kids play with Barbies and play" Throw the solicitor in the dungeon because he knocked on the door, even though there was a no soliciting sign, and woke up the baby

It''s gross and annoying enough that you are letting your baby crawl around on the movie theater floor, but if you have to change their diaper TAKE THEM OUT. Don''t do it on the floor of the isle.

Dear family, you constantly make me feel bad about being "bossy" yet you expect me to put together all of the family activities and parties. I''m sick of it and I''m done.

Don't throw a hissy fit when we are trying to have an adult conversation. I actually want to fix this relationship but can't if you throw a fit.

don't go to dinner with friends or family if your sick and if you do, do not double dip in the salsa!!!

just because my husband is deployed doesn''t mean you can try to use that to push me to come into work for overtime on the weekends, even though it would help pass time doesnt mean I want to burn myself out being at work, my life doesn''t get put on hold just because he is gone.

lately it seems you want to spend more time in front of the TV every night than to take some personal time for us and make excuses to avoid having time with me even to snuggle but tv is more important to you I''m sick of it!

The HOV lane is not the leisure lane! Some people PAY to ride in that lane! Don't be a D and go slow! Move over or get up and GO!

don't get mad at me when I don't let you over because YOU DIDNT HAVE A BLINKER ON

don't get a go fund me for help because you got laid off and your hubby left you and then go on vacation

STOP with the unannounced drop ins!! I don''t care that you''ve called to say you see my car in the driveway. I will leave you knocking at the door all night because my bra is already off and it''s not coming back on to talk to you

Just because you talk louder and faster does not make you right. We let you talk just so you could shut up faster

Stupid teenagers some of us need some sleep!! I am not your friends and I am not your parents. I am your Boss so if you do call or text after midnight it better be a dang emergency.

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