TEXT TOPIC: What is your Dirty Little Secret?

I'm taking a week trip to Rome next year with my family and I haven't told my husband yet

my dirty secret is that I was gonna leave my wife for you. give everything up for you. you know who you are if you're listening.

I secretly talk to my first love because he makes me feel wanted and loved unlike how my husband 

I'm a good little Mormon girl. I'm also the "other woman".

I'm a pretty vanilla molly Mormon, but I love trashy, dirty romance novels.

I secretly hate my sister in-laws

I''ve been having an affair with a married man for six years. My family knows about him, but they think he''s single. They don''t wonder why we aren''t married and why he never comes to anything. They think I''m aloof with him and just not that into the idea of marriage. In reality, I''d give anything for a life together. He never leaves.

I''m in love with my best friend. Hes also my boss. I want to tell him on our next business trip. He is bi but I am married to a woman and have never done anything like this.

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