TEXT TOPIC: Was there a situation where your man didn't protect you?

we went camping last year and encountered a skunk and i swear I have never seen my husband run so fast. He left me behind and i laughed the whole Time knowing that if I''m in danger im on my own

many yrs ago i was working in a haunted house as the chainsaw guy. A couple came by and as they ran he whipped her into the wall. She fell and he kept running. Had to stop and carry her out the back exit. I hope that was the end for them!

went to a haunted house with a boyfriend now ex and when a clown did a jump scare he pushed me towards them for a running head start and was gone. It took me a few minutes to find him he was so far ahead

my sister rescued a great dane puppy. My husband always said he loves big dogs. (liar). I told him i had a present for him at my moms. Went thru the back at night. The giant puppy came running. Hubby screamed like a girl shoved me and closed the gate behind me. I was 7 months pregnant

was Dating my now husband for a few weeks. We were at the illegal street races. We were both wrapped in a blanket, cops showed up, he ran and spun me since I was holding onto it.

my BF walked me out to my car, we heard a strange noise, a baby racoon was running towards us. He bolted back to his apt and left me standing there alone.

My boyfriend when I was 15 who is now my husband. We were at the beach he thought he saw a shark in and left me for dead.

one of my husband’s supervisors started talking about things he would to do me sexually at a social event and my husband just stood there and laughed awkwardly

Speeding car nearly hit us crossing the street. He smacked my arm and dove out of the way. 

like most men, I feel confident that if there was a situation I could protect my wife and sometimes I daydream about it. I told her this once, and she reminded me that she has a black belt in taekwondo and that if there''s ever a situation she''s going to be saving me. She''s five foot four and 115 lb and she''s totally right.

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