TEXT TOPIC: Who pulled the old bait and switch after marriage?

my aunt. She’s LDS, he’s Catholic but was baptized LDS while they were dating. 1st Sunday after they’re married she says let’s get ready for church and his response is I’m not Mormon"

my family and my wife's family are beef farmers now that we've been married 10 years she wants to become vegetarian

my buddy was dating a girl who wanted to wait till marriage. After they got married she wanted to keep waiting. They were married 2 years before divorce, never did it once.

when my sister and her husband were dating he was the sweetest nicest guy. the moment they got married he got really controlling. He wouldn''t let her leave the houses until she did the dishes And yelled at her and she spends money he didn''t approve of

My best friend''s husband was handling his depression, on meds, seemed all good. Within 2 years of marriage: stopped taking meds, refused counseling/therapy, stopped religion, had multiple affairs.

my ex-husband was really nice before we got married and then once we got married he started being really mean to me. He was very emotionally and verbally abusive. I stuck it out for 20 years and three kids later he cheated on me with a 26-year-old when he was 40. I should have gotten out before we even had children!

my sister got married to a guy who we thought was the total package. Married on Mar. 2 by April 2 getting divorced. He said he didn't want to be with women

my ex husband- so before we got married he was on board to fulfill my dreams. Camping traveling white water rafting biking etc. Later found out he lied about everything he is not even interested in anything i am. He said he lied because he knew i was a good girl and wanted that in a marriage. Wtf

my ex-husband changed after we got married. I had no idea he spent so much time playing video games before we were married. He also really liked my family before we were married and after he didn''t really want anything to do with them

my husband! He used to love camping, hiking, anything outdoors, date nights every weekend. Right after getting married, he stopped. I can barely get him to go out to walk the dogs now days. No more love notes, barely says ILY. It’s hasn’t even been 2 yrs.

My ex husband was once a great man while we dated. By the second week of marriage he was a completely different man. Told me "he did what he did to get me, you never marry the same person you date." Domestic violence has continued into his second marriage.

dad got married and she completely changed, stole money locked him out of the house and would call the police on him. marriage lasted a year

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