TEXT TOPIC: What do you do when you have issues with your neighbors dog?

drive metal stakes in the ground every few inches along the fence line

point out the fence appears to be failing, do they have any suggestions on what can be done on both sides to avoid costly repairs or replacement to the fence. That way it’s the fence failing, not the dogs, which people are more sensitive about.

Get a quote for a concrete mow strip under the fence and split the cost to have it installed.

they should place a hot wire (electric fence) on their side of the fence... when the dog comes over and gets a shock it won''t happen again!!!! Cheap easy and it won''t hurt the dog

bury dog poop in the hole that's how I've stopped my dogs from digging

They need to take their dog to the neighbor''s yard and let the neighbor''s dog come to their yard once they''ve established there is not a boundary between the 2 yards the digging will stop.

it would be on their own dime, but you can buy chicken wire and dig it down underneath the fence line.

pour pepper along the neighbors side of the fence. Dog will learn to stay away from the fence

calling the police keeps things civil and anonymous. Unless they talk to the neighbor, the neighbor will remain unaware of the problem. Pick your battle or the problem will never be resolved

rent a trencher for irrigation, run a trench along fence, back fill with concrete. Go down about 1 foot

Simple. The next time the dog puts its nose under the fence, spray its nose with pepper spray. Problem solved.

balloons, blow them up as big as possible throw them in the hole cover them up when it pops it freaks them out.. classical conditioning

I feel like ppl typically are open to problem solving, so if they approached it as a problem to solve instead of your dog did xyz.. ask them how do you recommend I protect my dog?

I think they need to just report them, otherwise they don’t seem to care. I had a situation with a neighbor walking dogs off leash, running in the street, not picking up poop, after several times asking her to correct it I finally called animal services.

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