TEXT TOPIC: Did you have to dig through the trash??

I threw out my passport in recycling at Christmas.. never found it

3 yr old says he threw away his fav toy story toys hubby dug thru outside trash cans =toys was in dryer

At the T.Swift concert in AZ, I thought I dropped my wife’s phone in the portable potty, so I stuck my hand in to search for it only to find it in my pants pocket.

As a younger teen I actually did throw my retainer away by accident and it was Parenthood in real life with my parents asking the restaurant to go through their trash

my mom didnt know I had put my wedding ring on a paper towel on the counter after a bday party and she threw it when she was cleaning up. Took almost2 hours to find it!

threw away our pass for dinosaur park, dug through trash. Found it under a blanket.

my boyfriend accidentally threw away a Christmas card with $250 in it. I literally went dumpster diving. To this day... STILL salty and he is never allowed to hang on to cards with money in them again.

lost my wedding ring at work. I worked for a surgeon so I thought they came off in my surgical gloves. Searched through all the garbage with the bloody gauze and gloves and other gross crap you would think. I got home and I found it on my counter. I didn’t even put it on

I just searched through the trash last night! My husband couldn''t remember where he put his car keys and I thought maybe he dropped them in the trash. Turns out he left them in the gas tank of his truck so he wouldn''t lose them. Ha ha

my wife couldn't find her wedding ring we searched everywhere started to dig for the trash found it on her hand

Left my retainers on my food tray at a Mexican restaurant. Had to dig through leftover burritos and salsa

tailgating at a U game a couple years ago, someone dropped their phone in the porta potty...and fished it out

We donated a bunch of old items to Savers & my daughter had her brand new IPad in the boxes. Luckily when we drove back 1 hr later it was still there!

I was doing yardwork one time and we had 2 trashcans full of grass clippings and trash and my wedding ring came off. We did find it after 2 hours of digging.

I was at McDonald''s with a friend and right after we left he realized he didn''t have his wallet. So we went back in and looked everywhere including digging through the trash - AT MCDONALDS - only to find it in his car.

dug thru school lunchroom thrash can and found my dental retainer

My phone accidentally fell in super deep bathroom trash bin at work. People are nasty there. Phone got disinfected after like it had Ebola. Lol

my roommate threw away my tickets to SEINFELD a few years ago and yup, I dug in the dumpster and FOUND THEM!

I work at a nursing home. A lady thought I threw away her dust pan but I knew I didn''t. I had to dig through the big dumpster outside where we put all the dirty depends, and of course I didn''t find anything!

at Las Vegas at the Rep famous sea goof buffet chowing down on shrimp, crab legs and tons of butter and sipping my hands a million times after we were down I wen to the restroom realized my middle finger nice CTR ring (had two diamonds on the side) wore it half way down the finger was gone. Went thruthe whole bathroom garbage didn''t find it must have wiped it off when wiping off hands at dinner.

smoked half a joint with my mom & she threw it away by mistake, then took that trash out, so she had to go dumptser diving to find it.

had a customer that thought he threw away his dentures...i went dumpster diving..GROSS

I thought I threw my phone away after getting married! Hubby dug though trash in the dumpster for me. It wasn't and was in a box the whole time!

another time I thought I threw my Invisalign in the trash by mistake before a trip. My mom dug through the trash but didn''t find it. I found it later deep down in my purse. Oops!

threw away my debit card at the gas station and didn't notice till 30 min later. Got some weird looks when I came back but don't care I found it

cleaning out my car and I accidentally threw my keys into the trash. And it was garbage day

my boys accidentally threw away my daughters 2 dance costumes. We didn''t realize it until the garbage was long gone. Had to re-buy them and got them2 date before her performance.

lost a carat diamond from my wedding ring at Cafe Zupas and went through two bags of trash and never found it

my nephew used to throw everything away...the remotes, car keys, silverware, wedding rings. Sis in law and brother used to constantly dig!

I threw away mine and hubby w2's by accident. Dug threw garbage for two days. Nope couldn't find them

I thought I threw away my husbands keys, after two hours of searching through the garbage I found them in my bra!

12 years ago I had just received my green card in the mail. I thought I put it in the keep mail pile, but accidentally put in the throw away mail pile. Never found it. Heart sunk

I was on a Mediterranean cruise and had bought a beautiful opal necklace in Greece. I accidentally threw the bag away not realizing it was still in there. I spent the entire night searching my suitcase and room looking for it before I realized I threw it out. I was more than sea sick that night.

had temporary front teeth that I accidentally threw away... dug through the garbage for an hour.

I was at McDonald''s. I can''t remember if it was my whole wallet or just my debit card, but I left it sitting on the tray, and without paying any attention, emptied the tray. I had to dig through the garbage to get it

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