TEXT TOPIC: Did you go on a trip someone and now you don't talk anymore?

road trip from Oregon to Northern California. Picked up friend at the airport and first thing she said "just broke up with my boyfriend". Worst trip. Haven’t talked since

went on a road trip to AZ with a buddy. He smacked really bad the whole time and was telling me better routes to go the whole time. Also reminded me every hour "trust me, there''s cops everywhere on this road". I freaked out on him, haven''t been good friends since.

my friend from ATL went to Vegas with me for her first time. She was so upset because we walked everywhere and she was so exhausted, that she got upset with me that I didn''t tell her what to expect in Vegas. She flew home early and hasn''t spoke to me since. Been 8+ years ago.

Went to vegas with a facebook friend because then we could stay with her friend for free. She was a classic entitled little girl. Literally said ''whys Should I learn to drive? My parents will drive me anywhere.'' She was 18-19. She had no idea how to take care of herself, it was like being her mom

went on a trip to St. George with my then Best friend. I drove but the entire time there she hung out with other friends was rude and completely ignored me. To make matters worse she decided to drive back home with somebody else so I drove home alone.

went to Mexico with 11 people. During the trip one of our best friends got so drunk he ended up punching his wife. Needless to say, we are no longer friends.

brought an old friend to Hawaii, all paid for, haven''t seen her in 20 years, she yelled at me because I didn''t want to climbed down a muddy cliff in the rain. attacked my relationship, called me names,I wanted to leave her on the side of the road

when I went to the sand dunes with my friend in high school I rode one of her dads four wheelers and she rode hers and she stopped really hard in front of me and I crashed into her, the lights broke, her dad was really upset with her and not even mad at me cause it was her fault she was really embarrassed and didn''t really speak to me for the rest of the night made it really awkward.

went camping with ex. He begged 2 go, but didn't prepare anything! Turned out he wasn't prepared for anything in life.

don't talk to my cousin after a trip. This is my fault I tried way to hard to build a relationship that obviously wasn't wanted.

good friend intro me to my hubs. 4 day music fest. Her creep man was crap, BC she had stuff with her man made me feel bad for being happy.

went on a trip with my sister, we got into a couple arguments, I ended up riding home with someone else and haven't talked to my sister in a year

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