TEXT TOPIC: What is a waste of time in your life right now?

Team meetings! I have one this morning & dreading it. So boring and pointless!

dating is a waste of time. Nothing but A-holes out there! Over it! #learningtools hahaha

Feeling like a waste of time because my boyfriends ex (they have been separated for 7 years) will not divorce him even though she says she will she’ll pay for it etc. I feel like it will never be my turn we have been together 3 years

I knew my husband was cheating I was trying to make it work but I finally realize I was wasting my time and I needed to Move On I asked him for a divorce got a divorce and now I''m doing the things that I really want to do that he never wanted to so I am absolutely happy

social media such a waste

Ive been at my job 13yrs and am so bored. I spend most of my waking hours Ford and wasting my time it's infuriating

I'm a 27 yrs old girl who hates dating... But I want to get married and have a family one day. I guess I have to do it if that's my goal.

Working in the office is a waste of time and resources when most jobs can be done at home. I''m on my way to that ugly cubicle right now and I wanna punch someone

I''m going to school, but I don''t know for what. At this point I''m going to prolong my student loans and to get a degree because I''m almost done. I only have 5 classes left for an associate’s.

I feel like my best friend is a waste of my time. All the effort is made by me and none of it by her

After thirty years of general hospital. I just gave it up last week. Total waste of time

I've been dating my best friend for the past 2 1/2 years. He told me that he doesn't ever want to get married or have kids so at this point I feel like I'm wasting my time

My mother in law has never accepted me or my kids. This is my 2nd marriage so my kids are from my ex husbund( me an my husband now don''t have kids together)he has three from his ex and I have three. She wants to be the one to control her son forever and she doesn''t even know us at all but hates me and my kids. She’s been so horrible to us and it''s been 13 years and my husband is still "hoping" she will change and that she will start to accept us. That woman is evil and will never change her spots.

Fly Fishing, some days I spend more time in the trees then I do on the water. And I just want to throw my gear into the River....but I always go back

my divorce is a complete waste of time. Everything keeps getting delayed and the more time that passes the more we realize we are wasting time hating each other

I just got married 1 year ago and he is not going to change. It is hard. I am getting a divorce

my marriage is a waste of time the constant drinking is annoying after 30 years just leaving waiting for my daughter to get married

waist of time on training my husband''s dog. He won''t help or do the training with me it''s his dog and overall I honestly don''t care about the dog. Ihave my own dog and he''s amazing gonna spend more time with my dog.

waste of time saying yes to every invite, family parties included. I need time to breathe

my wife and I started a new diet program, and now I feel like I'm spending half my life doing meal prep

Working at a family company to help out when I make 10 times the money not being there but they make me feel guilty when I'm not.

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