TEXT TOPIC: Happy Thankful Thursday! What or who are you thankful for?

I'm so thankful for my mom she is amazing I wouldn't be the person I am today without her. Thank you mom

if possible I would love to thank my friend Chance. He's always loving and accepting of me no matter what's going on and I don't know where I would be

Thankful for Doctors at Children''s Primary Hospital for being amazing and helping my sweet little 2 year old niece in the road to recovery from cancer!! #cancersucks#prayerswork

I want to thank my wife for supporting my decision to get into law enforcement. I'm currently in the background investigation phase.

want to thank my coach for kicking my butt and making my legs hurt for now two days. But it's a good hurt and I'm thankful for him for being my coach

thankful to the doctors for helping my buddy after his lung collapsed last night

I'm thankful Wayne is on his way to recovery.

thankful for my mom karen! for always watching my babies, and everything she does for us!

I want to thank you guys and Wayne for his share yesterday. Showing strength when one is at a low point thank you.

thank you to my bestie for never judging me and loving me no matter what

I just want to shout out to my mom Angie who listens to the show everyday since I was 5 I'm 29 now. Thanks for helping me with Ethan I love you.

thank YOU guys for always being so raw and caring and not shying away from real life issues. WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Wayne, Jessica, Kylie, and Frankie thank you for everything. The laughs, the tears, just everything!

thanks to law enforcement for catching the man who murder my sister so quick in a senseless act of crime.

I''m thankful to my mom, she''s always there for me and is ready to help me whenever I need it! I love her so much, and appreciate her with all of my heart!! Love ya mom!!<<

Thanks to everyone that has donated to help Jayla''s family. I live in Spanish fork and go to glades where she worked 3 times a week and the amount of love and support is heart warming! I''m sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter Courtney!

thank you Wayne for your moment of vulnerability yesterday. I was thinking about doing not so good things. Because of you, I''m seeing someone today.Keep fighting. You''re not alone. We got this.

thanks to my hubs for helping me learn to love my mom body and helping me with my fitness goals

thanks to you 4. You make me uncontrollably laugh every day at work to the point where I have to step outside. You guys make work so much better!

thank you to the show for discussing therapy. My health coach gave me a therapists contact that specializes in eating disorders.

I want to say thank you to the most amazing woman I have ever met! She has completely opened my eyes and changed my view on what true love really is!I love you Hillary!

thank you for Kylie for your good vibe segment to pick me up every Friday

want to thank my baby daddy even though we didn''t work out and we''re not together he gave me the greatest gift of my life and my heart is so full thank you

I'm thankful for my family, I'm throwing a kids b-day party and didn't ask for help but they are all jumping in to help

thank you to Wayne and you 3 for bringing so many laughs all these past years. Stay strong Wayne!

thank you guys for the laughs and smiles. Big thank you to Wayne for yesterday as on the way home, my friend and I was going home and told her the rest of the morning she missed. We agreed it was great as you helped others. I know how difficult it can be with family members with major depression and just trying to help or going to counseling session with that son. I suggest reading Kevin Hines book about the golden gate bridge and him. My son andI was able to listen to him speak and wow.

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