TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that is addicted to drama?

Sister-in-law...always makes any and all drama about her. If something happened to someone, she finds a way to make hers worse. If no drama is happening, she GOES OUT IF HER WAY (and mind) to find something to be offended by. I could make money betting on when drama would happen.

my sister, everyone thinks she is so sweet but me & my siblings know better. She blows up for no reason & makes things about herself. All the in laws are always surprised when they see her true colors.

my sister. If she's not yelling she's crying. If shes not crying shes doing both while drunk. How can some1 be miserable in Hawaii? Well she was.

my aunt loves the drama! It''s even better if she can play the victim. She will literally create the drama by being vague on Facebook and end it with''well, I didn''t want to talk about it...'' YOU POSTED ABOUT IT! Yes you did.

all of my in laws. They can't handle a normal life

my sister is the worst drama oriented person. We have figured out she entices her husband to get us siblings to talk bad about her to him and then tells her what people say.

my sister-in-law's family! They are ALL drama. I now avoid any parties they will be at. They judge everything and everyone. huh!

My grandma. I don't think she's addicted to it

auntie LOVES drama! What doesn't she do. Things always become about her, she can't keep a secret, she gets offended easy. Almost deleted me from Facebook.

My mother-in-law she has a problem with EVERYONE. She threatens to leave the family when she doesn't get what she wants.

my best friend! Always has to have her mouth open yak yak yak and now I'm not subjecting myself to her! She's jealous and bitter

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