TEXT TOPIC: Did you do something but you didn't get credit for it?

work is hard, small team 1 me monster, the group wouldn't work w/o all of us but 1 person only gets/takes credit for everything! I'm invisible

I created a program for my work and its Super successful and everybody likes it but my boss hasn''t show me the recognition that I deserve. He passed me on a promotion and sing and you do more when everybody else is saying I''m doing not only my job but his job. It''s hard to wanting to stay and work for a company when your boss doesn''t tell you that you are doing a good job.

my step kids are going through some very heavy stuff. I have sacrificed my time money and energy to get them in to talk to someone with zero gratitude from their bio parents

I'm a dental assistant and try to do a lot for the dentist and it always goes unrecognized.

I always tell my husband he doesn''t give me enough credit for dealing with our insane 3 year old every day. It is DRAINING! I just want some recognition for keeping him alive

43 y/o lady, work at a Maintenance shop. Most times I suggest anything 1 or both of my 2 bosses take the idea as their own & get the credit. Super annoying.

During a meeting my boss told me that she doesn''t believe in giving compliments or kuddos... that if someone needs to have positive reinforcement a spart of their job, they can find a job elsewhere.

So i work in compliance. I have been work 70 hour weeks to get caught up. I get no recognition. They just congradutated someone on my team that hasnt done anything to help out

I basically do my bosses job cause "we're a team" and I never get a thank you or good job

My mom likes to take credit for my degree. She says she put me through school. I worked 2 jobs and have the loan to prove that's not true

Been at my job for 25 yrs. Agency certificate was just left in my box yet in meeting someone was recog for bringing treats. Wow!

I have raised my boyfriends children for 3 yrs. they are rough kids to deal with. Lots of untreated damage. I take time off work to get them to sporting events, I do hair, get them ready for every picture, dance, and game and do moms and memories at school. For Mom''s day, I got a spoken HMD from their dad. And that was it! Nothing more! Defeated is an understatement! Unmotivated now.

my husband doesn''t get credit for much of the things he does for our kids. Because I''m the one taking them or spend more time around them they often say "thanks Mom" but really without him it wouldn''t happen. I''m often pointing out to also thank him. He''s amazing

I help my manager with scheduling & hiring & work full time on top of that and I get yelled at for standing up to my childish manager who thinks yelling at his employees accomplishes things

I''m a project manager. The company laid off 20% of the employees, I was one that got laid off. The product I worked so hard on launched two weeks after I was let go. It sold out and the company had the biggest sales day ever, making 18 million that day. No credit given. Good luck without me on the next one.

I created a membership form for a major MAJOR company. Had someone take credit & sign off with corporate. I was faxed a confirmation of the sign off& the form had 1 thing missing. I never signed off...too late, had already printed 400,000.

last quarter i increased our sales by 14,000. But i got in troule because i used an extra 900. In labor but had i got my vacation it all would have evened out. However some o e quot and made it so i would not take it. Makes me not even want to try. So now i wouldent give one if i could find a fu**

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