TEXT TOPIC: Did a psychic tell you something and it came true?

was told my paternal grandfather who has passed was grateful I had adopted children and that by having my girls I was healing generational hurts. He died when I was 6 and this meant NOTHING to me.6 wks later my aunt gets a call from a 23 and me detective- gpa had 3 other children born to different women who were all adopted! 2were before marrying Gma- 1 was born after their 2nd child

3 yrs ago psychic told me there was a huge secret between me and my at the time boyfriend now my spouse. Last year my friend confessed to me that for 6 years she has been hiding some infidelity that happened between them. Decided to tell me 2 months after being a newlywed #selfish

Psychic told me while I was pregnant that my baby and I would be in grave danger and I needed to go see a different doc. Next day when to a Doc- told me I had pre-clampsia and was a high risk for stroke. Baby was born 12 hrs later 6 wks early not breathing We are healthy now but that scared me bad knowing how close it was.

my mom was told she had A LOT of children coming her way. My brother and I were too young for kids and she was done with having them, so we didn’t believe her. Later on she opened an in home daycare and has had it for 6 years now and has had A LOT children come her way

Was told that within a year I would be pregnant with a boy & that doctors would think he had heart problems but he would be just fine...all of that happened, he''s now 20!

psychic told my mom that her middle daughter had some psychic abilities. That is me and it's totally true. I see people in dreams before I meet them

Awhile back my mother in law seen an angel reader and asked about grandchildren. The angel reader told my MIL her late mother came through and said there will be two within the next three years one won''t make it and the other will make it. A year after that I miscarried at 22 weeks and gave birth to a healthy baby girl year later. Mind blown!

I have PCOS and diff gettin preg. Kept dreamin about babe Caleb. Asked psychic about it, they told me I was going to have a girl first she is 6 Caleb is 4.\

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