TEXT TOPIC: What really goes on in the kitchen?

my friends husband is a health inspector for the state and basically told me to stay away from most local restaurants. They BARELY pass inspections.

we would keep hotdogs and re warm them in the same water the next day. Once they went greenish we tossed them yuck!

The health department is very very forgiving when it comes to violations and thank God companies like mine pay a third-party to come in and grill us

I'm a delivery driver and visit dozens of restaurants daily. Clean your darn fridge! There are to many restaurants with moldy product!!

worked for a uniform Company and I witness the owners dog licking off of the plate before they served it to a customer and a very well loved restaurant in Utah

As teenagers we would purposely mess up an order so that it would get sent back and we would get to share it in the back

if you are given free rolls or breadsticks most places are instructed to leave you with 1 more than the group because no one wants to take the last one so then we dont have to give you more

Used to work in a bar that was shut down because it was found out that the under 21 wait staff was getting liquor from the bartender after hours.

our GM would tell me to scrub off the expiration on the milks and he would have us use the beef until it was green

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