TEXT TOPIC: Happy Passive Agressive Tuesday!

Dear semi truck driver who likes riding my ass! I have your license plate number and I will be letting your boss know how you drive.. long walk of a short pier girl!

if I've made an error or done something incorrectly, educate me don't belittle me.

hey husband after 12 yrs when you ask for a divorce do it face to face you coward

to all who have the In God We Trust vanity plate: thank you for picking that plate and giving everyone driving around you the heads up to be cautious because you are most likely a horrible driver.

Hey boss, instead of insulting your employees in front of patients, take outside. We help run your business so don't crap where you eat.

NOW you want to be social and friendly to people? That''s who I am naturally and I adapted to YOU because you''re my best friend! But you''re making it sound like I''m a rude person when that''s noooot actually the case.

you're hairy, you keep peeing on my carpet, eating my shoes, and now my couch. I'm going to put you in dog camp. Haha

little, mean blond girl, you better be nice to my kid at girls' camp.

Hey big boy if I find out U ve put hands on my child out of anger I ll be coming 4 u & I m bringing hell w/ me.

dear co worker, I wish I could come in late and immediately take a smoke break. Maybe I should take up smoking

You have two baby mommas and now I divorced you. How is the problem not you?!

I don''t know if this is just an older generation thing... but PLEASE don''t keep bothering me by coming up to me when i clearly have my headphones in, just to blabber about your boring personal life... especially when no one asked. I''m working here people... leave me alone.

all you California drivers driving through Utah. Get OUT

Yes please go ahead and keep thinking your lousy employees are wonderful. Maybe when I''m gone you''ll realize who knew their stuff and what you had.I am better than this!

this is for the two dip shits who talk to me for months weeks and then ghost me and doesn''t ever answer my text messages now but still wants to be friends on social media and like all my posts put your big girl panties on and tell me the reason you don''t want to talk WTF

You. Talk. Too. Much. You have people helping you do your work then turn around and talk for 20mins every hour. Do your job! It''s not fair to those helping you.

If you order food delivery like doordash after dark turn your porch light on so we can see your address! And if you dont have numbers on your house get some.

quit capitalizing on your husbands death. Your true colors are shinning through. Your trash is shining through! You need to move on with your life. You are not important.

hey Cami, telling your daughter about what a slut you were in high school isn't really the best example to use to encourage her to remain abstinent.

mom just because I don''t overreact and freak out when my kids fall or coddle them at the first cry doesn''t mean I''m a bad mom. I am a damn good mom,stop acting like I''m not our I''ll cut you out of our lives.

hey bestie! you have a baby now it's time to grow up and stop leaving your baby home with mom while you go to the club..bar...and house parties

to my father in law yes I am pregnant and your backwards way of telling me I''m getting fat was clearly not appreciated you treat your family like dirt and don''t deserve them

if your planning a cruise don''t fly the day of your cruise and be mad at the airline when weather rolls in and we are delayed so your group of 20 missed the cruise.. #dontyellatmebecauseyoucantplan

My son is part of the soccer team let him play more than 5 minutes a 1/2 that''s ridiculous and then still charge for him to play when he barely played Because you merge with another club does it mean your coaches are being fair To your players. Already found a better team bye

Stop calling in to our S with lies trying to get out of paying child support for your son that you haven''t even made an effort to see in 8 years #deadbeatdad

I know ur trying to be patriotic but flying the flag in the bed of your diesel blowing smoke on it letting it beat on crap in your bed is disrespectful

save, stop pretending you saved the company. The department knows the reason we are "caught up" is because this has been a slow year. You''ve done nothing but make everyone miserable.

Word of advice & If you want to run for a local office and display it all over your car, even have your license plate personalized, you should probably be a courteous driver & Not cutting people off on the daily

Hey mom...my little brother isn't the golden child you think he is. I work for him....he's cheap and he cheats people out of money every day.

when you owe us more that 31k in back child support don''t ask for money from my husband. Get off your lazy welfare ass and get a job. Mom of the yearright there.

agree to the old manager passive. No one cares about your cycling escapades and work!

when random strangers try to engage in conversations but it''s awkward and painful please stop it always seems to be the non social people trying its rough save yourself!!

thanks boss for posting my job behind my back it was nice to get a notification on indeed that my resume matched for it! I'm outta here

Hey bio mom to post on fb looking for your kids. They are not lost they are with their dads who keep them safe unlike you who is with a registered sex offender.

daughter we know everything you get is with your taco so stop telling everyone you purchased it all on your own... boobs hair eyelashes etc one dayyou''ll be old and wrinkled then what??!

stop taking advantage of my caring side and borrowing money and not paying me back. You make more money than me and your husband has a job. I am a single mom and wanted to help out.

if you (an adult) hate the outdoors so much stop coming on all the youth group camps. No one wants to hear you complain!

married said it last week and I'll say it again-couples on tinder looking for a third. Get the F off of there, that's not what it's for.

hey Tesla owners tint your freaking windows.

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