TEXT TOPIC: Are you stashing cash that your spouse doesn't know about? Why?

I have a credit card from B4 marriage. I keep it around for clothing. I'm not a big spender, but my husband thinks it's cut up and I'm not using it.

My wife, when we argue tells me she’s divorcing me every time 4 2yrs so I have saved $25,000 for when it happens because I have a complex now

about $15,000 in a bank account he doesn’t know about. I was saving for a down payment on a house before we got married so I just keep adding to it. Its taken us on a couple vacations too.

I always keep about $1000 cash hidden in a drawer. it is vacation money. I start saving it is by selling used items around the house I just put the petty cash in the envelope until we go on vacation

i have NEVER liked my smile so 4 months ago i started stashing cash(tips) and i have $8700.00 so far for new teeth! I''ve never been so excited for anything in my life. Only 15,000 more

have bank Acct my hubby knows nothing about. Have about 2000 saved for an upcoming gift for him

--gift is a trip where he's always wanted to go but has never been able to. #bucketlist

I keep all of my serving tips in a jar and I and Hide it in my closet. When the jar is full, I will take it to the bank and put it towards something fun

have 1000 in cash hidden in a supplement bottle saved for a new gun

have 18k in cash just in case.

still got my $1000 "pay my bills" cash stashed. Thanks again!

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