TEXT TOPIC: What news did your kid leak?

When I was barely pregnant with my twins my older daughter decided to tell all of our neighbors before we were telling anyone.

my 8y.o. niece leaked to me when my hubby was planning to propose. She started talking like it was no big thing. I wasn’t supposed to know that

I am a third-grade teacher one day one of my students came up and told me that her dad was also dating someone my age (24) and her mom didn't know.

when I was a kid, I wrote a story about how our Chihuahua bit me on the lip, my parents were scared they would take us away.

my niece spilled the beans about my sisters Mother's Day gift lol. They bought it and she came home and told my sister what they got her lol

newly returned to church. During the quietest part, my son "whispers" you swear at us all the time. Well...the cats out of the bag.

won bsb tix from you guys and was giving them to my daughter as a surprise, her 5 yr old brother told her luckily she didn''t believe him and it was a surprise!

I made a Breaking Bad cake for a co-worker, my son told his whole class that I was making blue meth at the house.

neighbor kids tell us all about their parents crap currently their dad is living in the unfinished basement.

One night, my husband and I apparently got a little too rowdy while getting it on...the next day, my daughter informed her daycare provider that "Daddy hit Mommy last night!" So embarrassing

when I was barley pregnant with my 2 year old I took my son trick or treating. And instead of saying trick or treat he would hell "MY MOMS HAVING A BABY!" He was 6. LOL

when I was 8 I overheard my mom''s friend say she was asking 4 a divorce. When I seen her friend''s kids I told them I was sorry about their parents, they didn''t know!

when little my mom told us we got my dad a barbie for fathers day so when we spilled the beans we told him he was getting a Barbie

We got my mom a new car for Christmas. She had no idea it was going to be the ultimate surprise and I totally blew it

When my son little he went to church with very sister who was relief society president at the time I believe and told the Sunday school teacher his mom goes to bars and hangs out with drag queens.

I refuse to take my 7 year old shopping when shopping for my wife because he always tells

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