TEXT TOPIC: What happened to you but you don't have a pic to prove it?

My daughter was born in her amniotic sac, she pooped in it so they had to pop the sac really fast

went to a charity basketball game in slc Dallas Cowboys vs 49ers got to meet emmitt Smith, Micheal Irvin and leon lett no pics but a signed Smith Jersey

Walked on fire for a leadership Conference. Husband still doesn''t believe me

wish I had a photo of win in the early morning hours on my paper route, I saw a UFO silently hovering about 1000 ft directly above me

Stayed after a Blue October concert. The band came out and we hung out for a long time. Nicest guys and they drooled over my husbands beard. We were so star stuck we didn''t even think about getting photos. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Threw a hat across the room. Landed on my nephew @ the time 4. He knew that it was a epic moment & my brother did too. No one was recording.

playing in a basketball game one time I got knocked over and landed on my butt near the 3 point line. I shot the ball while sitting flat on the ground and made it. Everybody was really impressed, especially me

Happened last night in timberlake''s a deer knocked on our Back screen door 2 times with his antlers because we had put their food bowls up and he was hungry.

We drove our Humvees through a flooded river in Afghanistan, water was up almost to the windows, the camera the pictures was on got stolen, smh.

Worked at the airport pushing wheelchairs. Was able to help Adam West multiple times and get to know him. Not suppose to take pics, only have an autograph

Michael Jackson''s sister came to my house-"Chunk" from Goonies.

met Steven Spielberg in Eagle Mountain. He was just being a dad so it would have been inappropriate to ask for a photo. People look at me like I have 3 eyes when I tell them the story!

My little sister literally bumped into Scarlet Johansson in a small gas station right outside of Cali. We were too nervous to ask for a pic.

Met Karl Malone when he first moved here to play. Staying at same hotel. Coke machine wouldn''t take money. He bought my coke. No idea who he was until my dad told me

I was in Mexico and had an underwater camera and we were about to go snorkeling. I forgot my camera in the car but we were with a group so I didn''t go back for it. At one point a huge school of barracuda swam right past my face and I have no proof! It was crazy!

Husband and I met Richard Simmons in Vegas inside the Venetian. Prior to seeing Richard My husband had gotten drunk and punched a wall so he had a cast on. (Ya, not the smartest thing to do) Richard Simmons proceeded to call my husband over and had a heart to heart with him. Richard was an inch from his face and crying telling my husband he was headed down a bad path if he didn''t change things in his life. What''s crazy is he had no idea who we were or how my husband hurt himself. My husband also got a good butt grab at the end of it all by him. Crazy! And of course no pic

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