TEXT TOPIC: Do you still sleep with a comfort object from your childhood?

my mom sewed the pieces of my little brother's wubby on another blanket. Looked kinda cool and extended the life of it.

I sometimes sleep with my teddy bear that I got when I was a baby. I only sleep with it when I can'''t sleep or the times I''''ve gone through a hard time in my life

my daughter is 18 now and still can't go anywhere without her baby blanket including school trip to New York, I love it. #prouddad!

My blanket went everywhere with me to 4 countries and to all my kids births. I now keep it in a SANDWICH ziplock to preserve what's left

I sleep with a blanky that my grandma made. Before she died of lung cancer, she found more of the same print material in her storage and she made mea new small blanky and a full size matching blanket. No vacations without it! I still have the old tattered blanky stored in my closest.

Yes, this is me! I still sleep with the raggity ann and Andyblanket I was brought home from the hospital in! I'''m 44 and hope itout lasts me cause I''''d be lost without it!! ''''L+U''''L+U Mystie

over the years adult brother and sister have moved in. Both have bears. I never had one

I'm 50 still sleep w/a pillow my dad gave me when I had my son 27yrs ago. Its flat but my dad died 5 yrs later & I can''t let it go. U touch u die

my 32yr old friend sleeps with a blanket his gamgam made him. takes it everywhere, camping, hotels.. it's hanging by a thread.. literally.

it's me! I still sleep with my childhood Barney haha If I go on a trip without him I''ll stuff blankets under my chin where I usually snuggle with him to

My husband is 38 and still takes naps with his small a baby blanket.. about a week ago, I told him it'''s shredding to where I can''''t fix it.. So he finally put it in a baggie in his closet

it is me! I am 26 with two kids and sleep with my baby blanket. It'''s to the point I''''m afraid to wash it because it might disintegrate. And blasting my husband- when he left out of town from work he took it with him!

I never slept with a stuffed animal when I was little, but my then-boyfriend (now husband ) gave me a stuffed panda and I've slept with it since

am 28 and just barely stopped sleeping with my baby blanket! And to be honest...I miss it!

I sleep with blankets from my childhood cause they stay cold and are comforting, bf used to make fun of me but sleeps with one of them now..

I do sleep with a doll I've had since I was 2. In my 30s now. I hide it when my man sleeps over. I can''t get rid of it, it''s thrashed! Lol

28 years old and I still sleep with the same teddy bear I got when I was 6. There is actually no deep meaning, I just sleep in the same exact position every night and my arm gets really uncomfortable without it

it's me, I''m 43, have a pillow and a blanket, I even take them on vacations with me

I do sleep with a doll I've had since I was 2. In my 30s now. I hide it when my by sleeps over. I can''t get rid of it, it''s thrashed! Lol

Im 26 still sleeping with my stuffed piggy that I'''ve had sinceI was 3. My four old knows not to touch it OR ELSE. thats my piggy.My hubby hates it =

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