TEXT TOPIC: It's Thankful Thursday! Who do you want to thank in your life?

I am so grateful for my wife. I am working full time, doing my practicum part time... and she’s holding down the fort! We have 3 little kids that are freaking tornadoes. Love you Babe!

thankful my sis in law and mom in law are staying sober, makes like a lot easier in our family!

Thanks to the Bluffdale Independence Fire department for throwing my 4 year old son and amazing birthday party yesterday!

I'm so thankful to my boyfriend! He's been working hard nonstop to make our first house a home! I love you Jacob!

I want to thank my sister Mindy. Today is her Birthday and she is so awesome and I want to thank her for being born today and for being my best friend

Want to say thank to my husband, going through health stuff and he's been a great person to have by my side.

Started listening day 1 with Frankie taking my kids to elementary school. Almost 23 years later still listening because of you. I am now 59 years old. Love you too Jess, Wayne & Kylie. You complete me!

I heard my thankful Thursday you guys are the best! love you guys

want to say thank you to my dad for watching my dogs everyday while I'm at work

thankful that with the new LDS church rules, my little brother on a mission can call home each week and talk to my grandma who has cancer since we don''t know how long she has to live.

thanks to a secret Santa 4 years ago. Wife had surgeries/therapy/hospital stays for months, almost lost my job, but they gave gifts and $$ for Xmas. Never knew who it was but meant so much to us and the kids

I''d to think my college roommate Jessie. I was going through a really hard time and was suicidal. She cared enough and had the courage to find out how to contact my parents and get me some help. I''m literally alive today because of her.

Thankful for my parents tracy and George.. today is their 39thAnniversary 

I'm thankful for husband Jeremiah for standing behind me while I go back to school

thank you to my mom for helping me with my son while I go to college

I would like to thank my sisters for being there for me, especially after our mom died.

Thank you to my amazing husband. You are my rock and motivation. Happy Anniversary! I love you

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