TEXT TOPIC: Do you have to keep your parents and parents in law separated?

my in laws have very strong immigration reform ideas, and are very conservative. My family comes from Mexican immigrants and are more liberal. Therefore we do not have family get-togethers where they’re all together

mom and mother In law have to be separated. My MIL pushed my mom aside while I was pushing in labor with my first child

my in-laws were very Baptist and my mom was very drunk. Lol

mine are lds and old fashioned. His are....let''s just say it.....a bit trashy. I''m embarrassed that Mine are a bit judgy. He is embarrassed they are trashy

we are a married lesbian couple and my wife''s parents are LDS and refuse to accept their daughter and my mother likes to drink wine and has no filter. So she wouldn''t be nice to them

my parents are socially awkward and they don't like me. It's embarrassing 2 have my parents make jabs @ me, then watch my in-laws stick up for me

my sister's in laws cant be around my parents b/c my mom has a Jewish friend.

In 10 years our parents have met once. Mine are super religious and his or not. My mom would have a heart attack hearing my father in law talk

my mother is a me monster, my father in law has no filter in calling her out.

my family is white, hubbys is Hispanic. My father in law thinks we''re raising our kids wrong because I''m white and raised by white parents. My mom knows this and is FUMING mad

My mom and MIL can''t be around each other because everything is a competition. Who''s kid (myself or my husband) was more rambunctious and who was cuter as a kid, who saved who from a downward spiral. It''s like watching 5 year olds argue over a lego. It''s EXHAUSTING.

MIL can't get over her ex leaving her 35 years ago. He has died. She tried telling my mom she knows what it's like to be a widow. My mom hates her

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