TEXT TOPIC: Who in your family has called the cops on you?

My sister called the cops on me because I was a dumbass and robbed a house when I was 20. Best thing she ever did. Changed my life.

My neighbors set up a block party on my street. My mom was pissed but I joined the party. My mom called the cops on everyone, a bunch of us were arrested apparently you can’t drink outside off your own property

My mom and step dad turned me in for a warrant that I had for

brother call the cops on me for having an unregistered car in my garage

my husband called the cops on me TWICE. Both times he was drunk and mad at me and he got in trouble and I didn’t! 

my grandma ALWAYS calls the cops on any of us. Verbal arguments at thanksgiving, she feels unfair. Even asked for a restraining order, the judges laughed----grandma round 2 - she is insane! Had her own child arrested and later charges dropped for hackin her email - they read her open emails of her talking crap—

Gma round 3. None of us speak to her except her son in prison. She has lost contact with 3 children 7 grandchildren and great grandchildren she's never met

My former sister-in-law called the cops on me, mom & dad for hugging her daughter in public places/events... Criminal intent to kidnap my niece/their granddaughter. What a COS.

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