TEXT TOPIC: Do you have something coming up you wish you could cancel?

speaking at church. I hate it with a passion.

I wish I could cancel the family trip my husband and I have planned with his family this summer

I wish I could cancel the build of our new home. The sell of my current home is hurting my heart.

Work! I feel like it's too stressful I would just like to cancel my job for the next month

my baby shower next week. Everyone is telling me what I need on my registry, what to take off and what prizes for games I need to give away.

my MIL makes a big deal about my hubby''s bday and harps me yearlong about it. This year i told her that he and i are taking a trip so there will be no party. She was pissed, but i can breathe easy

moving to St. George soon, very stressful, looking for a job, dealing w/fiances work transfer, then fianc''s father passed away, now he has to deal with the estate. I live in slc fianc is in California. When will this all end do we can be happy.

there are 23 in my family doing a family trip this fall. Planning has been a nightmare. Hubby and I may cancel our flights and bow out. SO MUCH DRAMA

we have trip planned to California first time my wife's gonna fly she is freaking out blaming her anxiety and already ruining the trip

I have a good friend supposed to be getting married in September. I’m planning it but she can’t even decide if they ate doing it now. No colors picked nothing has been decided. She just can’t make up her mind.

My lease. Move in Friday. Signed last Friday and had a bad feeling all weekend. Can't put my finger on it but I'm dreading and wish I could cancel.

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