TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggresive text for us?

having more kids won't fix your marital problems

Stop flirting with each other at work. She's half your age, you have a wife and 4 kids and it's causing your marital issues. She's not innocent either.

stop trying to wedge your way into all of my friend groups. You don't know them, don't message them because they know me.

Just because you were late for your flight and the security line is long doesn''t mean we are going to compensate you for the inconvenience. The airline doesn''t run security. #punchingbag #meanpeoplesuck

wish my coworker told her boss she was pregnant before asking for a promotion. Now I m doing her work and she’s getting paid. If you can t do the job, step down.

hey. Jack hat. I know you say you don’t know why your kid has such anger issues. Uh. He has watched your husband beat you for years. That’s your answer. You’re raising an abuser. GET OUT!

to the roofing company that is doing our house. Just because two women live there doesn’t mean you can slack off. I spent 7 years in residential construction I know it’s supposed to be done and how it’s done correctly.

dear wife, I'm exhausted. You have the empathetical capacity of a traffic cone.

You’re a narcissistic co-parent who moved to Layton. I’m a mother and co-parent too, and would never treat my children''s father the way you treat yours. It’s okay, for him to have feelings and tell his son he wishes he could live with him. Don’t pretend like you understand what he goes through weekly not having his son.

Cheryl those size 14 clothes you're buying make you look like a stuffed sausage. Embrace the 18 sweetie.

dear hubby and children I am not invisible. Please get your crap together and stop ignoring me or your making your own food and washing your own clothes!

Hey husband. If you want sex, stop acting like an a-hole to me! Your attitude and pouting is a HUGE turnoff.

Hey husband''s ex wife... If you don''t want to see me or talk to me don''t come to my house. Don''t text me. And for the love of everything, just contact my husband when it''s about kids. Period. That is the only thing you need to talk to him about.

remhow you didn't premote me? The qualified person? And now we are all suffering? Yeah blood doesn't mean better!

to my annoying coworker who complains about the boss she reports to. Why do you care So much about what your boss is doing, why do you think everything has to be fair?

Hey Janet there is no way your kid is sick everyday . Get your booty to work on time, maybe people would appreciate you more if you did

to my CHILDLESS sis, STOP telling me how to parent. You don't know what I'm dealing with when you only see them for a few hours.

go ahead Mark, corner me in the office to chat my ear off AS I'M WALKING OUT THE DOOR! I'm putting this time on my time card. #BillingYourConvos

to the person who almost hit me on the freeway make sure you are close to your exit before you go over 3 lanes without signaling or looking

Cheryl once grandmas funeral is over, you'll be dead to me too. You a crazy bish

Don't tell me "I know" when clearly you don't. If you knew I wouldn't have to do my job and yours

Your business would thrive if you would quit sleeping with all the unqualified waitresses you think are "qualified" to run the office. Maybe just in bed eh?

Thanks to my boss who gives me all the work he doesn''t want to do. I love rushing through pointless tasks instead of doing the parts of my job I''m supposed too.

applied for the job 6m ago as the successor-20k raise-you got it because of experience "old as hell" I still do the work, you''re gone on vacation again. I am applying for jobs to leave you in a heap. you''re not cool enough to listen to ZHT!

Hey Ex don''t blame me if your kids don''t want to spend time with you. Can''t control me and they''re almost teenagers. So blame yourself for your own relationship with them.

Stop trying to tell me how to live my life. You believe in your religion and let me be me!

title company, get it together, we were supposed to close Friday, now you are costing us money=!

I know your kids are perfect little angels who listen the first time, but don’t EVER imply I am a bad parent because I snap after the 7th attempt to get mine to listen.

If you miss your kids so bad why don't you ever call or visit them?

It is way wrong on all levels to harass a disabled 16 year old just because you don’t like him. It is even more wrong to blame the harassment on the person who is defending him. Hope that karma kicks you in the butt!!

Please stay away from her. She’s a sweetheart and has no idea the evil you will show her. If I knew she would listen I’d warn her. You need help before you hurt more people. You destroyed me. Just live your miserable life alone, leave others out of your hate. Narcissists suck!!! Women stay strong

hey crotchety old man who thinks he's in charge, you're not my supervisor!! #youhavenopoweroverme

when you go for a meal in someone’s else’s car... take your=with you!! Stop leaving your drink cups, wrappers.... seriously!!!

hey a-holes when I try to get on the freeway on I-215 and 3900s. Be curious and let me merge on the freeway. Instead of not and almost hitting us twice. Show some damn respect. When you see the sign to cars merging.

hey coworker- everyone knows you’re lying! Stop making excuses for your crappy work ethic. I’m sick of it! Ps- I know that picture you sent to get out of work was from a year ago, I saw it on your Facebook!

don’t say I'm your best friend when you never say anything to me and block me on everything. Good luck in that marriage. Hope you girl feels so lucky... not

parents, my baby shower is next week. Get the toilets in the house fixed!! You wanted to host so make sure it works

dear customer -you don't like my name please don't come back to my store

dear west valley, I’m going to buy a loud stereo system with bass speakers and sit out in front of your house while you’re trying to relax. The amount of noise pollution these days is insane. Can’t catch a break. -signed a person who had a quiet neighborhood

just because something works for your perfect child doesn't mean it works for mine. Get off your soapbox

stop messaging my brother on social media. Yes, I know about it ;)

a corporate thanks for telling me I'm unqualified for the job and then having me train the new employee

your not my best friend anymore stop acting like it and only inviting me over when it's convenient or benefits you. You missed my daughters first birthday

to my in-laws stop telling me I need to go to college I make 6 figures and am doing fine

hey bffs we r suppose to be there for each other, why am I the only one working for our friendship

married couples on tinder looking for a third. Get the F off of there, that's not what it's for.

To the ex who sends an 11 year old camping wearing slippers, no socks or toothbrush and then proceeds to blame the child. Stop being so wrapped upin your own self and be a damn mom

Just because we're dating doent mean I'm your personal handy man/fix it, car guy. I'm tired

to the person who complained about the lady being pregnant.Bugger off.Women populate the world. It's illegal to discriminate because of pregnancy.

dear contractor. It should not take ONE year to even get halfway done with a commercial building. You're fired!!

to the 2 women at the park in west Jordan that look like sister wives....how about you watch your 20 children at the park. Your 2 year old is goingto have brain damage for how much she was falling.

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