TEXT TOPIC: Did you get something expensive and ruined it soon after?

Got $80 pair of Spy sunglasses. Lost them within 24 hours. Lagoon roller coaster!!!!

bought new turtle beach headset used it once then puppy chewed it up

I just bought my first car & was hit by a drunk driver & it was totaled with only like 15 miles on it!

my bf got a car and someone hit him 4 days later, car was in the shop for the next month & a half, instantly not worth as much now

bought a new Apple computer, a couple days later I spilled a glass of water on the keyboard. Completely ruined it, couldn't even get it to turn on after.

My house. The day we were moving into our new house, my husband back the u-haul into the garage not watching his spotter

My brother bought a Harley, despite how worried my mom was about it telling him how dangerous they are. She was right, he got hit by a car the same week. Thank god he was okay.

got new hard contacts your wear at night to reshape my eyes for about 2,000$ I crushed one & it shattered was supposed to last 4-5 yrs. 

Within a week of buying a new cell phone. It took a nose dive off my desk landing on a cement floor. Shattered the screen.

bought my husband a $300 rc rock climber 2nd time out he broke the remote. Happy f'n father's day

Brand new blinds my twins snapped off the ends of about 6 of them. #CANTHAVENOTHINNICE

bought the cutest Burberry sunglasses. 260 bucks.

lost them. I''m kicking myself and even wake up in the night sad about it. (Cry)

Bought a $1,200 drone. Ran it into a wall the second time I flew it. Oh... And it was a present for my wife and she never had a chance to fly it.

bought my husband a pair of $300 aviator Ray Bans and left them on the table at a restaurant. Great tip for a crappy waiter.

bought my first new car. Got egged that night. 3000 dollars in damage. I'm still angry about it!

Watched a guy leave the Harley Davidson dealership. New bike off the lot. Forgot to put his legs down at the stop light. bike fell over..they dragged it back in the shop...lol

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