TEXT TOPIC: Did a stranger lecture you?

Some old guy lectured me for putting my feet on the seats in front of me at the movies. No one was even sitting in the seat! I''m so ready for that generation to die off

got rudely lectured by a stranger for not picking up my dogs poop when I was going inside to get a bag

took my 2 year old daughter to the new how to train your dragon movie. Woman with 5 other adults told me to get better control of my girl!

my friend was lectured at Costco yesterday by a 6 year old about how she has a tattoo and it's a bad thing, only bad people have tattoos

was at a store, was told by stranger to stop yelling at my mom. We''re Latinos and at times our Spanish is loud and vigorous. Was not yelling at all lol

got lectured for drinking coffee while pregnant

running in the middle of summer in shorts and a tank top, a women pulls over (I''m thinking she needs directions) nope, she stopped to lecture me on how God doesn''t want me to wear those shorts. She said shorts like that won''t get me into heaven and I needed to think about my salvation.

At a store, with my two-month-old certain who was screaming and crying in the stroller. A woman that was walking by yelled to me to "He''s hungry- pop that nipple out!!" Uhhhhh

used to work at the airport, I had a woman come up to me and immediately look my tattoos up and down. She asked me why I would ever destroy my body like

Was teasing the little girl in front of me at church. Some old lady came and told me to stop because she couldn't hear. Why you sitting on the back row?!?

had just moved to Utah 10.5 years ago and was shopping at a groc store. I was lectured by a stranger for not being married and repeatedly told how unfulfilling my life is and will continue to be without a man. It still happens to this day, but so far I''m loving life!

when I was about seven there was a creepy guy staring at us and in our car will my mom went to the post office so I start sticking my tongue out at him and the guy got mad and lectured my mom that she should teach your children manners. I am pretty sure I start my own kidnapping that day haha

had an older woman lecture me on my tattoos about how I probably don''t even have a job because of them. Jokes on you B! I have a job in law enforcement, own my own home and am a single mom

Lectures by doc for letting my sons cough get so bad before bringing him in. Thing was he was with his dad over the weekend and had just returned home. I took him in immediately.

got lectured by a cyclist at Bridal veils trail in Provo because APPARENTLY walking on the bike lane is deadly. And I see where he was coming from but there is no clear signage regarding the lanes...

housekeeper lectured me my house was dirty.

got lectured by some old lady to "pick up after my dog" after he had just peed. What do you want lady, for me to soak it up with a rag!?

i mobile order at Starbucks so my drink is ready as soon as i get there. I leave my kids in the car while i run in to get it. Literally 1 min tops and a lady once yelled at me for leaving my kids in the car

got lecture for a quick smack on my child butt after running into the busy parking lot long story short flipped her off and got yell at my mom

have a disability most people cant immediately see. When I use my handicap parking pass, I constantly get glared at and approached for "stealing myGrandma''s handicap sticker".

While in full police uniform in unmarked car stopped at 5300 south state with window down. My partner driving holding his phone, woman rolls up nextto us and yells, "stop texting and driving a-hole!"

my 4 yr old dressed as Shirley Temple one Halloween. We walk in to Trader Joe''s and a little old man looks at my mom and says "I bet she doesn''t even know who that is

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