TEXT TOPIC: Happy Monday! Tell us something good!

We had my sister s charity softball event this weekend and raised at least $14,000 for a cancer victim in their community. So proud of my family!

I was awarded a District Award of Merit for my work with my Boy Scout Troop.

over the weekend volunteered at UnCon in Ogden and went to a kicking concert with the Cybertronic Spree a Transformers music group. Afterwards they came off stage for a meet and greet. A highlight of UnCon

Finally moving out of our crummy apartment to a much nicer place! Hubby got a BIG raise so time for an upgrade!!

I finally paid my car off

Going to Puerto Rico with 2 of my brothers and their family total of 15 people It's going to be an amazing trip

found an extra $5,000 in the budget to pay for our bathroom repair / remodel. No need to take out a home equity loan. Woohoo

my 401k hit 40k! Yes!!!!

Celebrated our wedding anniversary this weekend in Park City. Did the Mountain Meltdown with a group from our CrossFit gym had a blast.

Hubs and I closed on our first home together. We've almost been married a year. And it's also my hubby birthday. Love him.

Coming back from a week vacation from Oceanside! very much needed!

good news my husband didn't ask for a divorce this weekend even though I was being the biggest witch ever. Thanks babe love you

got into a nursing program ! Tried for years and finally got in :)

me and my boyfriend just moved into our house we bought together!

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