TEXT TOPIC: Do you know smothering couples?

have a family member who’s boyfriend got a great job but decided to pass because he couldn't stand to be away from her!

my brother in law works construction. in the winter he doesn't work so he would literally be at work with my sister EVERYDAY!

My wife is exhausting! Always wants to talk, text and be together. The only place I can escape is work!!! Help!!!

My BF and I are that couple. We choose to spend all the time we can together but if we have a separate activity we can do it no problem

had a sister's lunch and my brother in law showed up at the same place. He sat the awkwardly staring at us

old coworkers fianc would come to work with her and sit in our lobby until our boss said this is not okay he sat in the car after that so weird

My bf is a musician. He plays clubs and I almost always go. Too many drunk hoes try to get with band members

hubs canceled an annual guys trip because his buddy brought his wife

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